Welcome! I started this blog because I love to craft. I dabble with scrap booking, and card making. I love bending, folding and tweaking paper. I try other crafts, too. I hope to share some projects with you.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Animal Park Scrap Book Page

   Last year in March I vacationed with a friend in N.C. While there she took me to an animal ranch. It was a great time and a great photo opportunity. With all those great animal pictures I couldn't decide which photos to use, so I used a photo program so that I could use twice as many pictures on each page.

    This is a two page spread. This is the left side of the page. I chose a brown background paper. I mounted my photos on a white with gold metallic paper and randomly placed them on the page. Then I used a paper that looked like an old suitcase or trunk to create a pocket on the bottom of the page. I took all of my flight tickets and scanned and re-sized them to fit into the bottom pocket. I then used my Silhouette to cut the plane and lettering out of the same paper that I matted my photos with.

   This is the right side page. I used matching paper on this page. I used only the top edge that had the mock nail head trim on. They were turned sideways to that they were centered on the center of the page. The truck lock was made from chipboard that I covered with metallic paper. I layered the latch, key hole and nail heads. I edged the lock with gold ink. I created photos within a photo using a photo program so that I could use more of my animal pictures. I matted them on the white gold metallic paper that is used on the front left page. This is what is called a shutter page. It opens by lifting the center chipboard lock.

   This is the inside of the shutter page. Once again I used the edge of the scrap book paper. On the outside pages I turned the paper on its side matching the locks with the locks on the cover. The photos were matted with the same white gold metallic paper that was used on the other pages. On the center of the page I created three pockets with the suitcase paper. The photos were mounted on white gold metallic paper. In the top pocket I slipped in the park brochure. I re-sized three animal photos and then made three copies of each of them. I carefully cut around each of them cutting away more of the photo each time. I layered them using foam dots to give them dimension. I cut a strip of paper and attached straw to it. I then slid it into the top pocket. I poked the dimensional animals in among the straw with their heads peeking out of the pocket.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Irish Scrap Booking Pages

   Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I couldn't help myself. I wanted to share my favorite Wee Irish Kids, dressed for the occasion.

    This is a two page spread. I made the little outfits. Skeeter is wearing a green felt top hat with black hatband and gold buckle. His outfit is completed with a green bandana, featuring a green shamrock bow tie, and a shamrock handkerchief in the breast pocket. Cindy is wearing a green print shamrock hat, with a green ruffle. Her outfit is completed with a green shamrock print bandana, with a green ruffle.
   On the first page I used a photo program to make the shamrock and top hat border around each picture. Then I trimmed away the excess. I mounted each photo on green foil paper. I used ribbon like photo corners, to hold the pictures in place. In the center cluster of clovers is a real four leaf clover, that I found. I first pressed and dried the clovers. Then I carefully cut a large google eye apart. I traced around it and cut out a gold background. I glued the clover in place and then glued the dome over it. In the corner I cut out a gold foil bone and put a green bow in the center.
   For the second page I enlarged a photo of each of the kids and cut them out. I printed a rainbow on vellum paper, cut it out and attached it to the page. I then drew a pot and rim. I cut these from dark gray metallic paper. Then I drew three different size bones, after all my kids would much rather have milk bones then gold coins. I cut them from three different gold metallic papers. I arranged them inside of the pot. I used two different size bone punches for the smaller bones in the rainbow. They are punched from the same metallic paper as the large bones in the pot. The bone in the top corner matches the bone on the companion page, as does the shamrocks, and the ribbon. The plastic lettering was brought at a craft store.
   Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Recycled Paper Art Journal

   A short time ago I mentioned an art journal that I was making. Last night I finished it! I started this while I was sick and couldn't get down the stairs to my craft area. Not that it mattered. It was torn apart while being remodeled. Now I have a studio! Wow! Me, with a studio.

   I started by tearing newspaper into 10" x 11". Everyone has newspaper. It comes right to your door. I used a Fiskar template to tear the decorative edge. I then covered the entire surface of  one sheet of newspaper with a glue stick, and then laid another sheet of paper on top. I used a wooden stick to rub them together. A few bumps and ridges are fine. They add character to the pages. Then I laid another on top and repeated the process over again. I did this ten times until I had a nice thick page. I made ten pages this way.  Then I  made two using only three layers to use on the inside of the front and back covers. It took a lot of glue sticks. My dear husband made numerous trips to the store for them. While they were drying I flipped them over every few days to help them dry evenly without buckling. After they were dry I gave them two coats of white acrylic paint. Then I punched holes for rings and reinforced them. These pages can now be used like canvases.

    I then moved on to making the cover. I covered a 10 1/2" x 11 1/2" piece of corrugated cardboard with a gift bag.  I laid the cardboard on the bag and marked around it allowing 1" overhang to wrap around and attach to the back. I used Mod Podge to adhere them together.  I then adhered one of the white cover liners on the inside. This was the back cover.

   The front cover was a little more detailed. I made a copy of a sketch of a cairn terrier that I drew and re-sized it using a computer photo program. I then printed it out to use as a pattern. I taped it to a piece of craft copper ( available at craft stores). Then I taped them down on a piece of craft foam. I carefully traced over the paper pattern using a ballpoint pen. My embossing tool was too wide. It lost to much detail. I removed the paper and there was my embossed cairn. I centered it on top of the cardboard that I had cut for the cover. I marked the outside edges on the cardboard. Then I added 1/2" to the inside edges and transferred it to the paper that would be the cover. I glued the copper embossing to the cardboard. Then I Mod Podged the paper and carefully centered it over the embossed cairn.  Then I turned it over and finished the back side of the cover using the white cover liner. I then measured and cut a chipboard frame. Yes, there is a frame. I know it is hard to see. I covered it with the cover paper being careful to finish it by wrapping the edges. I glued it over the embossed cairn.  After the cover was dry I marked the placement of the grommets. I used the kind used for tarps, sold in the hardware department. Unlike craft grommets, they come with the complete kit to both punch and install the grommets, and the grommets are finished on both sides.
   I used one inch snap rings to put it together. What is nice about using snap rings is that you can take the page that  you're working on out, so that the other pages stay clean until you're ready to use them. Now it's ready for whatever media I decide to use. Maybe I'll just use it as a photo album.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Irish Swap

   I joined the "Irish Swap" a couple of weeks ago. This was really a fun swap. The hostess was great! She did a great job of keeping us posted. It made it so exciting. I made three cards. These are the three cards that I made.

   For this card I painted white card stock green. Then not having a clover punch, I sat and punched out little hearts and glued them together to make my clovers. Then I used a green gel pen around the outside edges of each shamrock. I coated the green base with Mod Podge and laid the shamrocks into it. After it dried I coated it once again with Mod Podge to seal them down. Then I cut out a four leaf clover from green card stock. I curled the leaves and outlined the edge with a green gel pen. I used a headless brad for the center. Then I attached a ribbon.

   So many in this group are artists...not me, but I felt I should at least do one of my less than famous watercolors. This is it! I added glitter glue to the rainbow.

   This card started with a black card stock background. I then cut green plaid scrap book paper and mounted it on top of the black. Next I drew a top hat pattern on paper and used it to cut out the green felt hat. I glued it to black card stock and cut around it leaving a narrow black border. I didn't have any black ribbon so I used a  permanent marker to color white ribbon black. Then I used a corner punch to cut tiny hearts to make the shamrock. I cut the gold buckle from paper and glued it down.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

My First ATC's For Swap

   I joined my first swap. These are the cards that I made to swap. It's called "Tag Your It". I had to make three cards using tags. It was so much fun to make these cards. It was also a little frightening. I've seen some of the photo albums of ATC's that members have made. These are some really talented ladies. Many actually do little paintings and collages. I'm not much of an artist. I am more of a card maker. I hoped that these would be alright. I was so thrilled to find that they used one of my tags on their home page. It sure is exciting. Everyday I watch and wait for the mailman. I can hardly wait to see the cards that I get in exchange. I feel a lot like a little kid at Christmas.

   I started with a white piece of card stock. I scribbled onto it with watercolor crayons in red, blue and yellow. I blended them with a wet paintbrush. While they were still wet I ran them through my Wizard to emboss them. While they were drying I made the center flower. It is done with a technique called teabag folding. It's called the zig-zag fold. Eight circles are folded and put together to make a flower. Then I punched out a green leaf and a small colored tag. I printed a word on each. Next I sprayed the flower, leaf  and tag, with copper Precious Pearls that I made into a mist. Then I cut printed card stock into tag shapes. I edged each with light brown ink. I set each with an eyelet, and tied with a piece of copper ribbon. Now that the embossed cards were dry I edged each card with light brown ink and and gently blotted the pad across the embossed card and also the tag with the eyelet. I tied the leaf tag and the word tag with a fine gold thread. I used a quick dry glue to assemble the card.

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