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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Formal Event Scrapbook Page

   It's that time of year again, when everyone starts thinking of proms, and other spring formal events. It's no different at my home. So once again there are my two favorite kids dressed for the occasion.

   This page started on a different path. I purchased the dress and the tuxedo at a craft store. I then found little crowns at another store. I removed the red center of the one crown and replaced it with the fabric that Cindy's dress on the next page is made from. Then I made the matching cape to go with the tux. I stood my little models on the floor with their front feet on a box, so that I could get just the right  picture with both their face and front feet showing. I then re-sized their photos to fit the little outfits. I made paper dolls out of them!
   Then came the really hard part...I sat for hours in front of the computer repeatedly watching a VHS of "Cinderella", trying to get just the right frame captured. I made hundreds of screen captures before I got a few that I could use. When I finally got just the right pictures I took them to a photo program and tweaked the color to match my paper dolls. I digitally removed Cinderella and her prince and put mine into the scenes. No one can ever tell me that digital scrap booking or card making is easy. It's only easy if you have never tried it!
    I used a purple floral scrapbook paper for the background. I then over-laid the floral with a mottled purple paper. Then I put two paper lace doilies together to make the lace mat. I used glitter glue on the edge of the lace doily. The glitter glue ruffled the paper doily. I then mounted the photo shopped picture on the doily. In the top right corner of the page I cut iridescent ribbon into strips and placed a lavender bow over it. In the center of the bow I put a lavender ribbon rose. The finishing touch was placing my paper doll cairn kids in the bottom left corner.

   This page was made the same as the first page. I used heart shaped doilies. The top picture shows my cairn kids dressed as a prince and princess, with the clock tower from "Cinderella" behind them. The lower picture shows my "Cinderella" with the golden carriage from the musical "Cinderella" behind her.  I cut iridescent ribbon into strips and held it in place with purple rhinestone hearts and put them into the bottom of each heart shaped frame. For the lettering I used my Silhouette. I cut the letters from white glitter paper and then from purple and layered them. After placing them on the page I went around each letter with a purple glitter pen to make them pop.
   I adopted Cynthia Marie from Col. Potter Cairn Rescue. I made her a purple formal to announce her adoption and her being given an ILP number by the AKC. Her listed name is Col. Potter's Cinderella Story. She is a princess, our princess.

Hope that you visit again soon.

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