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Friday, August 24, 2012

Fairy Book Pages Third Update

   Well, this has not been easy. Finding time to work on these pages has really been difficult. Mom has bounced from rehab center to the hospital and back again. She has really stressed me out. She wants to go home and I can't see me taking her there when she is totally helpless. Anyway, even trying to get creative ideals has been really hard but...I am still plugging away. These are my latest two pages. Now I only have two to go yet it seems like an impossible task.


   Once again I started with poster board that I used Modge Podge to adhere scrapbook paper to. I chose a colorful sunset for the background. I then re-sized and printed the little girl onto card stock. I cut her out making a paper doll out of her. I then used two colors of ribbon to make her dress. I folded each piece in half and then tied a knot doubling the ribbon. I then cut each one down the center and trimmed the edges. I glued them in place making her a ribbon streamer dress. I used three yards of ribbon on the little dress. Wow! I took apart a butterfly using it's wings and antenna for my little fairy girl. For her head dress I used a piece of both ribbons and then punched out vellum flowers and put a drop of glitter glue for the center of each flower. Then I cut pink feather trim and glued it beneath her little feet making the clouds that she is stepping onto. I used my Wizard to cut out the tags and wrote BELIEVE using one letter and a matching ribbon on each one. I glued them with the ribbon overhanging the edge. That was hard for me to do because I am used to keeping everything on the page as you would do scrap booking or making ATC's so that they will fit into plastic sleeves.


   This page background is more or less a collage. I started on the outside edge using a wood patterned scrapbook paper to look like a table. I then ran some lace through my sticker maker and laid it over the wood paper. Then I sprinkled it with gold glitter which the excess sticker glue held in place. Then I placed a floral print paper over it making it look like a lace trimmed tablecloth. I then cut the mirror frame out of a gold foil gift bag with my Wizard. The first frame was cut with cardboard to make it sturdier. The other two were cut and pieced together to make the handle. The center of the handle is cut from the same gold with a center glittered flower. This was punched out with a punch that applies a plastic dome as it punches out the shape. I set this part of the mirror aside and then started the blue mirror center. From a blue foil gift bag I cut the center of the mirror. I found and scanned and printed out the fairy. I cut her out and edged her with glitter glue. Her wings were also covered with glitter glue. While she was drying I colored a transparent piece of copy paper with a blue permanent marker. I used alcohol on a cotton ball to stain the transparency blue. While that dried I glued the fairy to the blue foil. I then glued the blue transparency to the backside of the gold mirror frame. Then I glued the blue foil with the fairy on behind the mirror frame. I sat it aside to dry while I used word pad to type out the gypsy lore and printed it on copy paper. I then tore it and used chalk to color and age the paper to look like an old scroll. I used crackle glaze over the scroll to help age it. After doing this I realized that since the scroll was gypsy that I needed to bring in something else gypsy, so I scanned a few tarot cards and re-sized them, printed them and cut them out. I used a brown ink pad on the outside edges. Then I scattered them on the floral patterned table top. I glued the blue mirror on top of them and finished it off by putting the scroll in place.

   Well, I have already begun working on my next two pages. I will need to let the hostess of this swap know that my pages might be a couple days late. I hope to get them in the mail by the due date.

Take Care


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