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Friday, August 10, 2012

Fairy Book Swap Second Update

   I have been trying to find time to continue working on my Fairy Book pages. It hasn't been easy. Mom has gone from the rehab center to the ICU at the hospital. Today they are moving her to the Cardiac Ward. These are trying times. I am still trying to get my fairy pages done. I have managed to finish two more. Now I am half way to my goal.


   This page started out with poster board which I covered with scrapbook paper using Modge Podge to adhere it. I loved the blue lily pattern on the scrapbook paper and I felt really fortunate to find a fairy coming out of a lily picture. I then used a photo editing program to change her from green to blue. Now she matches my beautiful paper. I then made a lacy frame for the picture by piecing together paper doilies. After I glued them together I applied glitter glue to the outside edges. After they were dry I used a glue runner to glue the picture in place. I then glued it to the page. At the bottom I applied more paper lace with glitter and trimmed it with a blue ribbon. The page still needed something more. I found a cluster of small lilies at the dollar store. They were white. I took them home and put them into a jar of blue food color, water and vinegar over night. The next day I dried them and made a stem with floral wire and tape. I added some of the leaves that came with them, and a blue bow. Then I glued them in place.


   This page was fun! I started with poster board covered with scrapbook paper. I chose a piece that was sky. I enlarged the flying fairy picture and cut the fairy out. I removed her wings and replaced them with wired ribbon. I pulled the outside edge of the ribbon stretching and ruffling it. I then covered them with glitter glue. After they were dry I punched out a circle and glued the wings in place on it. By doing this I could arrange the wings using a lot of glue to hold them in place without using all that glue on my fairy image. Sometimes glue wrinkles paper. I didn't want my fairy image to wrinkle. When they were dry I glued them in place behind the fairy. I sat her aside to dry, while I used my Wizard to die cut all the maple leaves out of vellum. I then glued the leaves in place leaving an opening in them for my fairy to fly through. I attached my fairy to the page with a Wobbler. She moves when wiggled. I finished the page by cutting one leaf out of gold vellum and then punching the word Soar out of metallic paper and gluing it to the gold leaf. Then I glued the word leaf in place.

   Now I am inspired. I must finish these eight pages. After all I am half way there. I hope in a few days I will be able to share a few more pages with you.

Take Care

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