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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Final Fairy Book Pages

   Yesterday I finished pages six and seven of my Fairy Book pages. I can't begin to tell you how good it feels. There were so many times that I really thought that I wouldn't get them finished in time. They are due Sept. 1st. but I emailed the hostess and told her that I would have them in the mail by Sept. 1st. and asked if it would be alright with her. She said yes. So today they are flying off to Karla to be sent on their way to their forever homes.


   I used scrapbook paper adhered to poster board using Modge Podge for the background. I edged it with a green ink pad. I then scanned and enlarged a fairy from my coffee table book. The book is "The Complete Book Of The Flower Fairies" by Cicely Mary Barker. I love her work.  I made four copies. I cut each one out, each time cutting more away. I then used glitter glue on the wings and set them aside to dry. While the fairies were drying I glitter glued the flowers on the page front and back. I  layered one fairy on top of the other using green foam sticky squares. I used a ton of those. I bet that you're wondering where I got green foam sticky squares from, I made them. They are so easy to make and so inexpensive. By making them myself I can make any color that I need. I simply cut craft foam into strips and run them through my sticker maker. Then I remove the clear protective paper from them and trim off the extra paper. Then I run them through once again the other side up. I can cut these any size or shape that I need.

                                                                                  Fairy Door Open


    I don't know if I mentioned it or not but I made two of each of my Fairy Book Pages. One for the swap and one to keep for myself. I have always meant to make a fairy book for myself. This was the perfect opportunity to get started on it. Like every good book I needed a cover. I decided that this would be the cover page. I started with a picture of a fairy door in a tree, deep in the forest. I enlarged it to fit. I then used Modge Podge to glue it to poster board. I covered the back with scrapbook paper. I then used four different colored flocking powders to give the background some dimension. I used Flower Soft for the flowers in the foreground. I then made two shades of green for the moss on the tree and lining the stone walkway. I often make my own colors by putting watercolor paints in small cups and adding ivory or white Flower Soft to it. I then lay it onto freezer paper to dry. When it is dry it is ready to use. While I was waiting for the Flower Soft to dry I drew cobble stones on the walkway with a brown marker. I then colored the space between them with a green marker. Then I flocked the entire walkway with green flocking to mimic moss between the stones. When it was dry I went back and put glue over each stone and then sprinkled sand over the top making the tiny stones. The next step was making the door. It took some time but I eventually found the perfect picture of fairy land for behind the door. I re-sized it and printed it onto card stock. Then I used wood grained scrapbook paper for the door. I ran it through my sticker maker and adhered it to card stock. I then did the same for the backside of the door. I then ran a piece of the scrapbook paper through the sticker maker and adhered it to brown card stock then I ran it through again to trim and use as the door trim. I did it this way because I didn't want a wet glue to wrinkle the door. I then cut hinges out of a copper metallic card stock. I used Gem Tack to glue them to the door. I used Extra Strength double sided tape to attach the door to the page. Now I added the moss to the tree, around the door, and at the edge of the walkway. I sat it aside to dry. While it was drying I found a tiny brad for the door knob. I pried the ends apart and slipped a narrow strip of gold foil paper between the ends and then rolled it around the stem to make the knob stem. I cut the rest of the brad away with pliers. I then used copper alcohol ink to color it copper. While it was drying I found the key and lock charms and trimmed off the loops with pliers. I then attached the little lock and door knob with Gem Tack glue. I tied a gold string around the key and dropped it on the walkway using the same glue. The title banner was a free download from Laura Carson. It had a  french word on it that I photo-shopped out and put Fairy Land in it's place. I then re-sized it and printed it on card stock and cut it out and glued it in place. On the back of my page there is nothing. One day I will make a book plate with my name on it and the year that I made it.
   It was a good feeling to complete these pages, and another good feeling was that I didn't have to shop for anything. Everything that went into these pages came from my supplies and my materials. If I had needed to go to the store for anything I just wouldn't have had the time to make these pages! I hope that you enjoyed the journey.

Take Care



  1. Kathy, I received a Fairy Page from you...in fact it's the top one on this blog post. That little sprite is so charming. My friend looked over my booklet and singled this out as a favorite. I accidently received some addt'l pages (which I had to send back to Karla, darn it) and one of those was the textured Fairyland page. I must take a minute to read this post and find out how you affixed that texture. It is wonderful.

  2. Thanks so much. I didn't get a page of yours. Karla has really worked hard on this. They are all so beautiful that I bet she hates to let them go. Do you have a blog where your pages are posted? I would love to see them.