Welcome! I started this blog because I love to craft. I dabble with scrap booking, and card making. I love bending, folding and tweaking paper. I try other crafts, too. I hope to share some projects with you.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

   I usually don't make a lot out of Halloween. This year was different. Mom has been either in a nursing home or hospital since June and it hasn't been easy for her. First I dressed my kids and took pictures of them up to her.

                                                                    Skeeter              Cindy

   Then last Friday they invited the staff and friends to bring in their children to Trick or Treat in the halls. Mom loved it and decided that she would dress-up for the Halloween party that they were having for the residents on Halloween. I was happy to put together a costume for her. Meet my mom.

                                                                                  Mom 2012

         She won a prize for her costume!

 Mom and Me

    I had a wonderful time with my mom today. I hope your Halloween is as great as mine was.

Take Care

Friday, October 26, 2012

My Finished Envelope Mini Album

   After weeks of working on my envelope mini album it is finally finished! With Christmas coming I know that it will make a perfect gift for someone. We all know someone that envies our beautiful scrapbooks and yet feels that they have neither the time or talent to do one. This is for that special someone. The album itself is gorgeous. Having all the surfaces covered with beautiful paper, all they have to do is add pictures. I could hardly wait to share these pictures with all of you.

My cover, inside and outside.

   I picked the black background with solid white flowers for the outside and the black background with white outlined flowers for the inside of the cover. I was lucky enough to find Halloween costumes for my two little cairns that were attached to the perfect thickness of cardboard for my cover board. I picked gold duck tape for the spine.

The outside cover and spine.

   I then covered the cardboard with my paper selection. The spine was made using gold duck tape that I distressed with black StazOn. I reinforced it using black glitter ribbon and a narrow black with gold and silver narrow ribbon. I then used the same two ribbons down the front and back cover to conceal where the duck tape attached to the cover. 

Inside of the cover.
   Then I attached the inside of the cover. Now it looks finished. But not quite yet.

I added tabs and leaf accents.
   I used black glitter ribbon to make pull tabs on the pull-out pages to make them easier to pull out. I then first used Quick Grab glue only to find that it did not stick the leaf accents to the glitter tabs and it also took the silver backing off them. Then I tried Gem Tack and it did the same. Then I tried E-6000 and it did the same. I finally ended up using hot glue.

My finished Album.
   Using my hot glue gun I first laid down some silver glittered sprays going up the one side of the album and across the bottom. Then I glued the rhinestone sprays in place. Then I used glitter glue to the center of the black flower and glued it in place. Next I found some white blossoms from an arrangement that I once made and used black glitter glue in the center to match them to the blossoms on the paper cover. I trimmed the bottom of the white dove and glued it in place using hot glue. I choose to use the white bird because there are black or white birds on the paper used through out this album.
   I hope that you have enjoyed following me as I made my first Envelope Mini Album. It was quite a journey. I am not taking credit for the how to. I only followed instructions. Kathy Orta of Paper Phenomenon has a video series on YouTube called Envelope Mini Album Series. She is amazing. She puts this whole album together in four short videos that together only lasts about two hours. It took me forever! But then I had many interruptions and often did not get back to working on it for days. I just love this album and may one day make another.

Thanks for joining me.
Take Care

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Envelope Mini Album Part 2

   I have been working on my mini album in my spare time. It is coming together quite nicely, I think. This is a great little project as you can work on it and walk away from it without ruining it. Quite nice for me as lately I have spent a lot of time walking away from it. With mom bouncing from hospital to rehab again and again, I really don't have a lot of time for crafts. So now I want to share some pictures of my progress.

Hinge there are four. One for the front of each section and one for the back of last section also.

Hinge with Tyvek added for strength.

Hinge attached to front section.

All three sections connected.

Center section and pocket pull outs.

Pull outs in center section pockets.

Card slide out showing pocket pull outs.

Card slide out showing pocket pull outs in their pockets.

   I made the hinge gussets wider because I realized that the album was already gaping open without any pictures in it. I added the black photo mats in the slide out card section so that all that needs to be done is to add photos. The next step is making and attaching the cover. I have selected both the outside of the cover and the inside of the cover. Then all that will remain to be done is decorating the cover. At this point I have no ideas on it. The last entry will be the album with the cover finished. Something will come to me...I hope.
Take Care