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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

   I usually don't make a lot out of Halloween. This year was different. Mom has been either in a nursing home or hospital since June and it hasn't been easy for her. First I dressed my kids and took pictures of them up to her.

                                                                    Skeeter              Cindy

   Then last Friday they invited the staff and friends to bring in their children to Trick or Treat in the halls. Mom loved it and decided that she would dress-up for the Halloween party that they were having for the residents on Halloween. I was happy to put together a costume for her. Meet my mom.

                                                                                  Mom 2012

         She won a prize for her costume!

 Mom and Me

    I had a wonderful time with my mom today. I hope your Halloween is as great as mine was.

Take Care

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  1. Too Cute Kathy! Love that your Mom is such a good sport.