Welcome! I started this blog because I love to craft. I dabble with scrap booking, and card making. I love bending, folding and tweaking paper. I try other crafts, too. I hope to share some projects with you.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

   From our house to yours "Merry Christmas". We hope all your Christmas dreams come true. We will be back next year. Until then be merry and safe.

Take Care

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa N Elves ATC Swap

   These were fun! At first I didn't think that I would be able to join this swap. I could only find one image of Santa with elves. I asked the hostess and she said that it could be Santa and elves, or either one or the other. Once I learned this, I was off and running.

   This image was taken from Christmas gift wrapping paper. I scanned, re-sized, and then printed it. I used a product called Snow Writer Dimensional Paint by DecoArt. I edged the roof tops, the chimney, Santa's suit, and then the snow on the roof with it. When it dried I went back in and used Glitter Frosting from Flower Soft to add the sparkle to the snow. I cut an oval frame from white card stock and then I coated it with glue and then put a thick layer of Glitter Frosting on it. I then centered it over the image of Santa and glued it down. I punched out two holly leaves from a green foil gift bag and glued them into the corner. I then punched out three tiny circles from a piece of red glitter paper to use as the berries and glued them in place. 

   This image was also taken from gift wrapping paper, scanned, re-sized, and then printed. I used a silver gel pen to highlight some of the details. I then used Snow Writer on the snow, following it up with a light touch of Glitter Frosting. I glued white pompom with silver foil trim across the top and bottom of the card. For the finishing touch I punched out some musical notes from black glitter paper and glued them into place.

   For this ATC I used scrapbook paper that I scanned, re-sized and then printed. Then I mounted it over green card stock. I found the foam Santa and tree shapes at Michael's. I touched them up a little with the Snow Writer and put them in place. They came with an adhesive on the back. Then I used a paper punch and punched out the HO HO HO from red and green glitter paper and glued the letters in place.

                                                                 THESE ARE THE ATC'S I RECEIVED

                                                                          CJ Armstrong

                                                                           Judi Stoker

                                                                             Resi Shetler

   These are just adorable! Not to mention that they are also beautiful. Since the cost of postage keeps going up all of the time most of the people that once exchanged Christmas cards with me stopped years ago. These are the only Christmas cards that I received. I love them!

Take Care

Monday, December 17, 2012

Angel ATC Swap

   It's Christmas and what says Christmas more than angels? I really love angels, almost as much as fairies. I envy them their wings. All my life from the time I was a child I have wanted to fly. Not in an airplane, helicopter, or a hot air balloon, but all alone in the sky with wings of my own. It was fun to once again live in dreams like a child as I worked on these.

   For this angel I scanned a piece of Christmas wrapping paper, then re-sized it and printed it three times. Using an embossing pen I drew in the lines of the wings and then using ivory embossing powder I heat embossed them. I used kaleidoscope embossing powder to highlight the background swirls. I mounted it on gold glimmer scrapbook paper. Then I cut around the second angel and using foam squares I layered it on top of the first angel. I then cut out the bouquet of flowers from the third copy and using foam dots I placed them in her hands.

   I scanned a piece of scrapbook paper for the blue star background. I re-sized it and printed it. I created the angel using a circle punch and gold glimmer scrapbook paper. I used the same circle punch for the wings. I punched them out of gold metallic paper. Then I folded them in half and then cut around the outside edge with scalloped scissors. I cut the circle in half and glued the wings onto the blue background. After placing the wings I folded the angel's body and glued it in place over the wings. For the head I used a rhinestone. The hair was made from gold thread that I glued to the head. Then I glued a halo cut from gold glitter paper  behind the head. Then I glued that in place. I punched out tiny stars from gold glitter paper and placed them randomly around the angel. I cut white card stock for the background mount and glued gold glitter on the edge. I centered the blue background over the glittered card stock and glued it in place. For the finishing touch I placed an acrylic gold trimmed star in the top corner.

   For this card I used glitter paint on white card stock. While it dried I printed the child angel. I cut and shaped white feather trim into the wings and glued it in place. Then I mounted the angel on the white glitter background. I punched the small star from silver glitter paper and then used a drop of blue Liquid Pearls for the center. When it was dry I put it in the top corner.

                                             THESE ARE THE CARDS THAT I RECEIVED           

                                                                                 Patty Curtis

                                                                                        Hollie Fox


     Aren't these great? Each artist interpreted their angels so differently. I love seeing the differences. Not everyone thinks of angels as glorious beings with radiant beauty, and feathered wings. I sometimes forget that.

Take Care

Friday, December 14, 2012

Holiday Centerpiece

   Mom is in the hospital, again. I thought that I would make a festive centerpiece to help cheer her up. She has been so sick. We made so many holiday plans but now they will have to be re-scheduled. So I made this to help her over a very disappointing time.

   This was made from floral bushes and stems that I brought at The Dollar Store. I glued a plastic tray over an upside down plastic bowl to make the elevated base. The rest were poinsettia bushes that I clipped apart to make it easier to place them. Once upon a time, I used to use yards of floral tape on centerpieces. Now I use a low temp glue gun, it saves so much time! Mom loves cardinals so I found a place to perch two among the branches. The electric candle is one that I brought home from the farm for her. I knew that she would love to see it used in a centerpiece to brighten her room. I love The Dollar Store. This entire centerpiece cost only $11.00. I bet you couldn't buy one like this anywhere for that.

Take Care

Friday, December 7, 2012

Book Page ATC Swap

   This ATC swap was called Book Page. I knew that this would be a challenge for me. I can't really see anything made from a printed page from a book as being pretty. I like pretty. I have never been one for "Grunge". Surprisingly after I learned that I didn't have to focus on the print on the page I found it a lot easier than I thought it would be. Yet I tried real hard to make it invisible. 

   Looking though a magazine I found a picture of an owl perched on a sign. I made a transfer from it by putting clear shipping tape over the image. I soaked it in water and then rubbed the paper off the back. While it was drying I used thinned acrylic paint in a shade of pearlized blue and lightly painted the background page. I ran my dry tape transfer through a sticker maker and then put it in place. I finished it off with two white feathers. I used a wooden stick to press one of the feathers into a black StazOn ink pad giving it the same stripes as the owl. I glued them in place and then glued a blue plastic leaf charm on one end of the feathers.

   I found this image of a young woman reading beneath a tree. I re-sized it, printed it and then trimmed it away from it's background. I once again thinned acrylic paint in a shade of pearlized champagne and painted lightly over the book page background. It really does show more than in this picture. I used some gold acrylic letters to write the word "Read" and placed them down the side. I glued some artificial flowers on it and then finished it off with a tiny hand tied bow.

   By the time that I got to this ATC I was feeling a little more comfortable with using book pages as a background. Once again I started by thinning down pearlized acrylic paints in two shades of pink. I painted two pages with each color. Then I cut one into strips and gently eased them into a ruffle, gluing them in place along the outside edge of the card as I went. Then I went to my old stand-by a glittered gift bag, and cut very narrow strips from it and glued them in place on the inside edge of the ruffle. Next I punched out two flowers from the second color book page background and layered one over the other. I punched the center from the same gift bag and glued it in place. Before gluing the flower down I hand cut two leaves from some scraps of Angelina fibers. I glued them in place and then glued the flower over them.

                                                              THESE ARE THE ATC'S THAT I RECEIVED

                                                                         Candy Smith

                                                                           Elaine Larkin

                                                                               Gabriele Haider

   These artists done a wonderful job on these ATC's. I like these so much more than I ever expected to. In fact I love them! I really never thought I would find them attractive let alone beautiful!  Thank you ladies.

Take Care

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Glitter ATC Swap

  The theme of this ATC swap was glitter. I was so confident joining this swap because so many of the cards and scrapbook pages that I make have glitter on them. So much that I was given the title "The Glitter Queen". I was sure that these would be quick and easy for me. Was I ever wrong. I got a mind block. Me of all people not knowing what to do with glitter!

   For this card I started with a sheet of scrapbook paper. I scanned it and re-sized it so that I could use the little fairy. I then used colored glitter in the same colors that she was colored. I made a small tag writing the word "Bloom" with a gel pen. I then edged the card and tag with silver ink.

   This card started with black card stock. I applied two heavy coats of glitter paint and let them dry. Using a paper punch I punched the swirls and stars out of glitter paper gift bags and glued them in place. I then mounted it on black cards stock. In some sewing scraps I found a black fabric swirl that I glued in place. I thought that it was the perfect finishing touch.

   This card was made from a scrap of scrapbook paper. I applied glue to a rubber stamp and stamped it on the paper. Then I sprinkled black glitter over it. I then ran a line of glitter along the edge and sprinkled it with black glitter. I placed metal entwined hearts in the lower corner and then topped them with a tiny white paper rose.

                                                               THESE ARE THE ATC'S THAT I RECEIVED

                                                                         Elaine Larkin

                                                                         Cherry Otting-Heath

                                                                          Belinda Shields

   I am so happy with the ATC's that I received in this swap. Each is so beautiful in their own way. I love seeing how others interpreted the Glitter theme. Thanks for my beautiful cards.

Take Care