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Friday, December 7, 2012

Book Page ATC Swap

   This ATC swap was called Book Page. I knew that this would be a challenge for me. I can't really see anything made from a printed page from a book as being pretty. I like pretty. I have never been one for "Grunge". Surprisingly after I learned that I didn't have to focus on the print on the page I found it a lot easier than I thought it would be. Yet I tried real hard to make it invisible. 

   Looking though a magazine I found a picture of an owl perched on a sign. I made a transfer from it by putting clear shipping tape over the image. I soaked it in water and then rubbed the paper off the back. While it was drying I used thinned acrylic paint in a shade of pearlized blue and lightly painted the background page. I ran my dry tape transfer through a sticker maker and then put it in place. I finished it off with two white feathers. I used a wooden stick to press one of the feathers into a black StazOn ink pad giving it the same stripes as the owl. I glued them in place and then glued a blue plastic leaf charm on one end of the feathers.

   I found this image of a young woman reading beneath a tree. I re-sized it, printed it and then trimmed it away from it's background. I once again thinned acrylic paint in a shade of pearlized champagne and painted lightly over the book page background. It really does show more than in this picture. I used some gold acrylic letters to write the word "Read" and placed them down the side. I glued some artificial flowers on it and then finished it off with a tiny hand tied bow.

   By the time that I got to this ATC I was feeling a little more comfortable with using book pages as a background. Once again I started by thinning down pearlized acrylic paints in two shades of pink. I painted two pages with each color. Then I cut one into strips and gently eased them into a ruffle, gluing them in place along the outside edge of the card as I went. Then I went to my old stand-by a glittered gift bag, and cut very narrow strips from it and glued them in place on the inside edge of the ruffle. Next I punched out two flowers from the second color book page background and layered one over the other. I punched the center from the same gift bag and glued it in place. Before gluing the flower down I hand cut two leaves from some scraps of Angelina fibers. I glued them in place and then glued the flower over them.

                                                              THESE ARE THE ATC'S THAT I RECEIVED

                                                                         Candy Smith

                                                                           Elaine Larkin

                                                                               Gabriele Haider

   These artists done a wonderful job on these ATC's. I like these so much more than I ever expected to. In fact I love them! I really never thought I would find them attractive let alone beautiful!  Thank you ladies.

Take Care


  1. Love your detailed descriptions of the creative process! Sometimes at first glance we don't realize all the work that's gone into the finished product. Yours are lovely!

  2. Love the way it looks