Welcome! I started this blog because I love to craft. I dabble with scrap booking, and card making. I love bending, folding and tweaking paper. I try other crafts, too. I hope to share some projects with you.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Past, Present, And Future ATC Swap

   I recently joined an ATC Swap that's theme was Christmas Past, Present, and Future. It turned out to be quite challenging. I knew that it wouldn't be hard if I did Santas. There are so many images to of Santa. Well, you know. That jolly ole elf is everywhere this time of year. But I had no idea how hard Christmas Future would be.


   This ATC started with my favorite Christmas picture. I re-sized it and printed out two copies. First I cut out Santa, the trees and the deer. Then I cut the Santa and the deer away from the trees. I applied Snow Writer on the tree branches. After it dried I lightly applied glitter glue over the snow. I put glitter glue on the background. When it dried I glued the snow covered trees over the background trees. Then using adhesive foam squares I put Santa and the deers over the background Santa and deers. I finished this card by gluing some white sparkly trim along the outside edge.

   I made the background of this card by coating a piece of white card stock with Mod Podge. Then I laid  a piece of tissue paper over it and pressed it down on to the white card stock. I found this picture of Santa on one of those copy write free sites. I re-sized it and printed two. On the first one I used Snow Writer for the fluff on his hat. Then I cut myself some tiny tools from a coffee stirrer. Using my tiny tools I applied Light Modeling Paste on his beard and sculpted his beard, mustache, and eyebrows. I sat it aside to dry.  Using my die cutting machine I cut from green tissue paper the boughs. I held three together and twisted them between my fingers and then glued them in place laying one cluster over the other until I had gone all the way round the Santa creating a wreath. Then from the other Santa picture I cut out Santa's  hand and the little mouse. I touched the little mouse's bell with gold glitter glue. Then using foam squares I attached the hand and mouse in place. I tied a small gold bow out of gold ribbon and glued it in place.

   For this ATC I stamped what I thought looked like a futuristic Christmas trees with silver embossing powder randomly on my white card stock background. Then I stuck a holographic Santa to a piece of scrap clear plastic. I save pieces of that clear plastic that they use for packaging for things like this. Then I cut apart a large google eye and using Scor Tape I adhered it to the piece of clear plastic with my Santa on. Then I trimmed the excess plastic off leaving me with a Santa in a clear dome.I found a red holographic gift bag and cut the flying saucer from it. I used Scor Tape to stick the saucer to the Santa dome. Then I placed the Santa and saucer to the background using Scor Tape. I found this really great holographic tape at The Dollar Store and edged a piece of white card stock with it. Then I centered the background on the white tape edged card stock leaving a small edge to show. I used a paper punch to cut the letters out saying "Peace".


 Sandi Hamel

 Judy Lawson

 Gabirae Diehl

I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas
Take Care

Friday, December 20, 2013

Bird House Book Box

   I enjoy making books. I wish that I really didn't because once that I make them, I can't bring myself to put anything in them for fear of messing them up. This is a different kind of book. It's made to put artist trading cards or "ATC's" as they are commonly called into.
 I have a very special friend that has a way of sending me little boxes of treasures among other things. These treasures as I call them are all kind of different products to use in my art projects...most of them I could never afford. She also sends me ATC's that she has made. They are wonderful because this is a very talented lady. As a token of my gratitude I decided that I would make her a special book to put some of her favorite ATC's in.

 Finished Book Box


   The first thing that I made was the book page insert. I cut 8 sheets of white card stock into  4 1/2"x4" pieces. I then scored them on the 4 1/2" side at 1/2". Then using double sided tape and being careful to not go beyond the 1/2" score line I put them together, by layering them one on top of the other. I then cut 2 pieces of card stock 2 1/2"x 4 1/2" once again I scored them on the 4 1/2" side. These will later be used to attach the cover. Using Scor Tape I attached one on both sides of the pages that were done.

I cut two pieces of  6 1/4"x4 1/4" cardboard for the cover. I scored the 6 1/4" at 1/2". I then covered it with card stock.

I used Scor Tape to attach the pages to the cover. I am generous with Scor Tape when putting a book together. I put a lot of time and usually love into any book that I make.

   I covered the inside of the bottom first leaving a tab on each side to slide over the seam where the two covers come together. Then I put the inside front cover in place. I thought that I should show you how much Scor Tape that I used. Now I had my book done I could design the box to fit the book.
   I came up with the idea of this book while putting my Halloween Tag book together. After it was done it didn't close. In fact it made me think of the roof of a house. This is the inspiration  that started this book box. If you want you could add more pages. This book is not designed to close. If you want a book to close you must design it with gussets for expansion.



 I started my box by designing a template. Then I traced it onto thin cardboard and cut it out with a craft knife. I then folded all the scored lines in. I attached the tab behind the peaked section. I used Scor Tape. You can use any good double sided tape that you want.

   I then picked out five coordinating heavy weight scrapbook papers. One for the outside of the house, one for the inside of the house, one for the book cover, one for the inside of the book cover, and one for the base that the box would eventually sit on.

Using Mod Podge I covered the outside of the box with the paper. Carefully flex the folds while still wet to stretch them a little so that they don't crack when dry. I then trimmed the edges to about 3/4" and folded them over the exposed cardboard edge.

      Then using my template I cut the paper for the interior of the box. I checked it for fit before attaching it with Mod Podge. I then cut a piece of cardboard 4 1/2"x3 3/4" for the inside bottom of the box. I checked it for size allowing for the thickness of the paper I would be covering it with. I then covered it and glued it into place.


  I then used a gold leave pen and outlined all of the roses and buds. I cut a piece of  6 1/2"x5 1/2" foam core board to sit the box on. I covered it with scrapbook paper using Mod Podge to glue it down. Then I hot glued the box to it.

   Then I covered all of the edges with gold fabric trims gluing them in place with hot glue. Now it was time to decorate it. I decided to make it a birdhouse. So I cut out a circle for the outside of the opening and put a small black circle for the hole. Since the paper was wild roses I found wild roses to decorate it with, and a few other things. I guess you might say that I went a little over the top. I just couldn't help myself. This isn't flat and it doesn't have to fit it into a little envelope. This was fun. Embellish, embellish, and embellish!


 Right Side


 Left Side

Book and Box

Birdhouse Book Box  Shown With ATC.

  Well I just hope that she loves her book as much as I loved making it for her. I really want to just once let her feel like I do when she sends me those little gifts. I want her to feel the same joy that I feel each time I use one of the things that she sends me.

Take Care

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Village ATC Swap

   I recently joined an ATC swap that was Christmas Village. I love making little houses. I have built three wooden dollhouses and am now working on my fourth. I have a leaded glass village that I made. So I could hardly wait to make these tiny miniatures.


   For the base of this house I first painted white card stock grey. I then ran it through my Big Shot using a brick embossing plate. Then I used a red ink pad over the top, creating the red brick front. For the white peak of the house using my score board I scored a piece of white card stock every 1/8" to give it the look of white siding. I used the same red ink pad on a piece of white card stock that I cut into 1/8" strips to use for making the trim for the door and windows. For the round window on the door I inked a page re-enforcer with the red ink pad. To make the windows I first used a yellow permanent ink pan and colored aluminum foil. After it was dry the windows were glued in place by first running them through my sticker maker and then pressing them down onto the foil. I then trimmed the foil away. Before putting the front window of this house down I embossed a Christmas tree with green embossing powder and then cut it out and ran it through my sticker maker and glued it down on the foil. Then I centered the front window and pressed it into place. Then all the windows were once again ran through my sticker maker and put in place on the house. I glued the door in place.  For the string of Christmas lights I laid out a piece of green thread on wax paper and then dropped tiny drops of glitter glue in red, green, blue, and yellow spaced evenly onto the thread. While they dried I used a Snow Writer to put snow on the roof and around the windows. After it dried I lightly touched the snow with crystal glitter glue. The wreath was made by first coloring a page re-enforcer green. Then I spread it with glue and pushed it into green Flower Soft. I tied a tiny red ribbon bow and glued it on the wreath. Then I glued it at the roof line.

   For this house I cut 1/4" strips of white card stock for the siding. I glued them onto a base of white card stock overlapping one over the other. Then I painted that yellow. I cut the house shape, and then using 1/8" white card stock I made the windows and door trim. Then using my sticker maker I put them in place. Then I put snow on the roof line and lightly applied glitter glue on the snow around the windows and door. I made the pine garland by pressing a white fiber into a green dye pad. After it dried I glued it in place. Then I glued the Christmas lights in place. I finished the house by putting a gingerbread man in front of the front window.

  I painted a piece of white card stock brown. After it dried I ran it through my Big shot using a stone embossing plate. I lightly shaded the stone using a dark brown ink pad. The windows were made the same as the above houses. Then using my sticker maker I put them in place. I put snow on the roof and around the windows and door. Then I glued the green fiber pine garland and Christmas lights in place. For the final touch I put a snowman outside in front of one of the windows.

   For this house I once again used my Big Shot to emboss the tile pattern for the roof. I then lightly shaded it with a terracotta dye pad. I cut strips of it to trim the windows, the door, and the motif above the door. I made the stucco by adding sand to white acrylic paint and dabbed it onto white card stock for the house. Then I cut the roof line and assembled the house. Then I added the snow and glitter and glued the Christmas lights in place. I made the tree in front by putting glue on a tree shaped button and pushing it into green flower soft. I put little drops of glitter glue on the tree for lights. The wreath was made the same way and tied with a tiny gold bow.


 Our Hostess Raeven Davis created this gorgeous layout.

                    Mary Redford                           Nydia  Dominguez                   Jeannie Massie          Cheryl Higgins

   Aren't they just beautiful? I really love these and I enjoyed making mine. Maybe next year I'll make a few more. Thanks ladies for a truly wonderful swap!

Take Care

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas ATC's For Friends

   This year I decided that I would send a few people a Christmas ATC. Those that make and collect ATC's would much rather get an ATC than a Christmas card.


    I started these cards by cutting colored card stock to size. I then crumpled wax paper and then carefully un-crumpled it. Then I pressed the wax paper into a gold or silver ink pad. I transferred the ink onto the card stock by placing it on top and then pressing in and gently rubbing it down. This should have gone along quickly but it didn't. I used a heat gun on them until I could no longer hold it. The ink still wasn't dry. So I turned on the oven to its lowest temperature and put them in for a couple of hours. The smell was horrible. It still didn't dry so I sprayed it with a fixative. Now I could handle them, but the spray fixative took away the shine of the gold and silver ink. I sure hope that anyone reading this will let me know what kind of gold or silver ink that they use. I used gold or silver tinsel embossing powder for the image and around the outside edge of the center image and the outside edge of the card. I finished each card off with a ribbon. 

 For this ATC I adhered tissue paper to white card stock using Mod Podge. Then I stamp the image using green tinsel embossing powder. I then used it on the outside edges of both the image and the outside edge of the card. I finished it off with a green ribbon.

   I couldn't find any candy cane striped paper so I used a ruler and drew my own stripes. Then I colored them red using a brush marker. I then sprayed the card with a fixative and went over the red stripe with red glitter glue. After it was dry I stamped the Santa with red tinsel embossing powder. Then using red tinsel embossing powder I did the outside edge of both the image and the card. Then I tied it with ribbon.

I hope that you enjoyed looking at these ATC's. I have been very busy on other Christmas swaps. Wait until you see these ATC's. Some are so neat that I can't believe that I made them. I can't show these to you until they are swapped out. I never want to ruin anyone's surprise. I made a handmade gift but once again I can't show you until it reaches it's new home.

Be sure and check back soon. I have so much to share with you.

Take Care

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Blessings Swap

   It has been quite some time since I hosted an ATC swap. I thought that Thanksgiving would be a great theme for a swap. I thought that Thanksgiving Blessings would make it even broader. That way it could be so many things to so many people.

My Thanksgiving Blessings ATC

   This card started with an image that I received in the mail from an advertizement. I thought it was perfect so I saved it until the time was right to use it. Using my sticker maker I ran a piece of scrapbook paper through it and then pressed a piece of lace over the top of the scrapbook paper. I then trimmed it with platinum acrylic paint. While that was drying I stamped three images of the silverware onto white card stock and cut them out and glued one on top of the other layering them. I then stamped and heat embossed one set of silverware using silver embossing powder. I cut them out and glued them on top of the other layers. I then cut out a white circle to use as the plate. I dry embossed the edge to give it a rim like a plate would have. Now all of my pieces were done. I glued down the picture of Thanksgiving dinner. I laid the other parts in place and glued them down.


Kathy Scholl

Barbara Hahn

Sharon (Gabi) Diehl

 Judy Lawson

Hollie Fox

Iris Blessinger

   This time of year people start getting ready for winter and the holidays. So there aren't as many in this swap as usual but...all of these artists really put their selves out there. They are all so beautiful. Thanks you ladies for joining this swap.

Take Care