Welcome! I started this blog because I love to craft. I dabble with scrap booking, and card making. I love bending, folding and tweaking paper. I try other crafts, too. I hope to share some projects with you.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Cardboard Shelf For Storing Embellishments

   If you are anything like me, you have tons of little doodads that you use in your craft projects. Storing them has always been a major problem for me. I stored them first in little re-seal-able plastic baggies that I put in a clear tote. They were out of sight and out of mind. If I ever remembered that I had a certain embellishment I couldn't find it anyways, or I would find it after I had used something else instead. Then I found a small metal shelf and began putting my doodads in small jars and putting them on the shelves. I soon ran out of room, but realized that it was a great way to store my embellishments, being in plain sight they were easier to find and use. This is my first shelf.

   As you can see I soon ran out of room, and it too became crowded, and embellishments were hard to find. I needed more storage room. So from the lowly Maruchan cup of soup six pack box a new larger shelf unit was born.

   I started with the cardboard box that once held six cups of soup. By the way I love this this soup. That's a good thing since it took twelve boxes to make this shelf.

                                                 Empty cup of soup box.                                                              

                                       I glued them together with Quick Grip glue.

   I made it three boxes long and three boxes high. I used clothespins to hold it together while it dried.

   After it dried I made another box to reinforce my glued together boxes. This box was made from the cardboard box that my new sink/table came in. 

                                        I reinforced the corners with large brads.

   I then glued the nine compartment box inside of the other box. I used books and clothespins to hold it together while it dried.

   After it dried I painted it with white high gloss enamel paint, that I had left from another project. I applied three coats. It took forever to dry and it smelled really bad. I painted it before I added all the little shelves, because I really hate painting into corners.

              I made the six small shelves by cutting the soup box in half and removing the end flaps.

   I then folded and glued them together, using clothespins to hold them together while they dried. Then I painted them.

   I glued the shelves in place and then using a glue gun I trimmed the rough cardboard edges with corded trim that I brought at JoAnn's using a 40% off coupon from Michael's.

   My new shelf is ready to hang and use. The total cost of this shelf was less than $15.00, the cost of the trim. Using boxes and gluing them together like this is great. You can make your box shelves to fit anywhere that you could use some extra storage. I can't wait for Mark to get home and help me hang them!

Take Care

Friday, January 18, 2013

A New Addition To My Studio

   This is one of the greatest Christmas gifts that I have ever received. My studio is in the lower level. It is quite a walk around to get from my studio to the kitchenette, or the bathroom in the lower level great room to clean a paint brush, or to wet a sponge or cloth to clean up a spill. Sometimes I have mobility issues that turn it into the longest yard. This is so handy. Now I have a little sink with running water right at my fingertips.

  My husband Mark installed three adjustable shelves on the wall above it. In doing that he opened up enough floor and wall space for the table sink combination. Now when I am doing something really sloppy or messy I can work right at the sink. The counter top height is great for doing those things that have in the past had me standing and bending over them at traditional table height. I just love it!

Take Care

Monday, January 14, 2013

Finish The Old And Start The New

   Well, 2012 ended without much of a bang. The Christmas party for my family never happened. Mom got out of the hospital and returned to the nursing home Christmas eve. She was still far to weak for a family party so at first we just postponed it until a later date, now I think that it is time to move on. I was able to spend Christmas eve with mom at the home. Together we finished a wooden Santa that we had started earlier.

   Instead of painting the details we decided to use white fleece for the trim, black ribbon for his belt with a gold foil buckle. We used yarn for his beard. We used google eyes with lashes and a brad painted red like a cherry for his nose.

   I finished a page for my Fairy Book. I shared the Fairy Book with you earlier. This is the last page of the book. Not the last page. I still plan on finishing the back side of the other pages eventually. I just love making fairies.

   Of course it is a Christmas fairy. I have wanted to make this page from the first time that I ever saw it in a book of fairies by my favorite fairy artist Cicely Mary Barker. I started this page by using Modge Podge to adhere a copy of evergreen scrapbook paper that I had re-sized to the right scale. While I waited for it to dry I made the four ornaments using glitter paper and a circle punch. I added pieces of paper lace and gold fabric trim. After they were dry I used Glossy Accents on top of them. I sat them aside to dry. I hand cut the Christmas lights from card stock and applied a thick coat of matching glitter. When they were dry I put Glossy Accents on them and sat them aside to dry. I re-sized the fairy and printed two of them. I carefully cut them out using only the dress from one. I used a gold gel pen around the outside edges. The dress was made from lace that was trimmed and gathered and glued over the paper dress. Then it was painted with glitter glue. Then I wrapped gold cord around the waist and over the shoulders and tied it. Then it was time to start assembling my fairy page. I first glued the gold ruffled trim around the outside edge. I covered the not so attractive center with a white with gold cord. Then I placed the Christmas lights where I wanted them and glued them in place. I connected them using confetti Puffy Paint for their cord. After the paint was dry I glued the white with gold cord garland in place. Now I glued the fairy wings in place. They started out as a white glittered butterfly. While the glue was drying I punched out white glitter and silver glitter snowflakes. I layered them and then placed a Swaroski crystal in the center of each. Now I glued the fairy onto her wings and glued  the ornaments and snowflakes in place. This has got to be one of my favorite fairy book pages. I am really happy with the way it turned out. I really love it.

Take Care