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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Party In Heaven

   Tuesday morning I held my mother's hand as she left this world after a long illness. She left leaving a huge hole in my heart. I had a 90th birthday party planned for her today Feb. 23rd. I can't believe that she is gone. Even though in my heart I knew that she was ready, I kept making plans for yet another activity as though they would give her something to live for. I finally realized that she was waiting for me to let her go. So in the early morning hours I held her hand and thanked her for being my mother. I told her that I would miss her but that I would be alright. That she could go. All the time that I thought I was taking care of mom she was really taking care of me. She took two small breaths and went to heaven to be with my dad. They have been waiting for 16 years to be together again.

   Today I took what was to be her birthday cake to the nursing home that she lived in. I had the wording changed from "Happy 90th Birthday" to "Thank You From The Family Of Betty Redmond".
   I know there is a party in heaven. The two lifelong friends and lovers are reunited again. While they are celebrating their reunion we are eating cake on earth.

   I know that I should be happy for Mom and Dad, and I am. I am just sorry for me. I've lost my best friend and nagging Mother.

Take Care


  1. Kathy
    I was astonished when my Mother told me I was marrying a good man (I was 42 and about to start my 3rd one) who would take care of me and so I didn't need her anymore, she wanted to go to be with Dad. I too thought that I was looking after my bestest friend and I wasn't.... she was being my Mam all the time. It warms my heart to think of these couples being together again although being an orphan doesn't suit me even now 23years later. Life blots the pain but the stain remains. I know that if I stay true to her precepts I too will join them.
    Take heart dear one.
    (ATC World newcomer)

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I know that I will be a long time missing her. So many times each day I think I should call her or get ready to go see her. Everything I do I find myself excited about showing her, or telling her. She was my greatest fan. I miss her compliments and encouraging words.