Welcome! I started this blog because I love to craft. I dabble with scrap booking, and card making. I love bending, folding and tweaking paper. I try other crafts, too. I hope to share some projects with you.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Owl ATC Swap

   I have a friend that collects owls. I have been wanting for a long time to make her an owl ATC. I just had to jump into this swap. I have been thinking about owls for quite some time. I had so many ideas that I thought it would be a hoot to create some owls and it was! 

   I have never really cared for Steampunk. I know so many love it. I thought that maybe if I made something Steampunk that I might have a better understanding of it, so I made an owl in Steampunk style. I started by cutting apart a pop can. I then ran it through my Wizard using a Fisar embossing plate with a wood pattern. Then I used alcohol ink to turn it copper colored. Then I used brown acrylic paint over the top of the copper colored alcohol ink. I wiped off the excess letting the copper show through the brown paint. That was the background and the branch. The gears were cut from metallic paper using a cutting file from Silhouette.The wings, crest and beak were made using heart shaped paper punches. I placed a clock brad to the center of the owls chest. I did have fun making this owl in Steampunk style but I'm still not sure what to think about Steampunk style. ???

   For this card I decided to do some quilling. I haven't done any in eight years. The last quilling that I did was for a baby shower gift card...that baby is seven now. The first thing that I had to do was cut the paper strips. Of all the paper strips that I have none were the right colors. The owl was made by looking at a picture of an owl cartoon. The branch is paper quilled around a bamboo skewer. The leaves were punched from green vellum. I used a gel pen to write the little verse on the card.

   This picture doesn't really show all the details of this shadow box card. It is five layers of the same picture. For each layer a portion of the picture is cut away from one of the copies of the original, and is attached over the original using black foam strips that I made myself from craft foam and my sticker maker. The log frame was hand drawn including the streaks in the logs. This took quite some time. After I was finished with the distress and streaked paper. I printed it on card stock and then cut the log shapes. Then I inked the outside edges with brown and assembled the frame. I then wrapped the outside edges of this ATC with the birch like paper to conceal the layered construction. The last owl was then attached in place. I love this card. I feel that it is my best to date.


Kathy Scholl

Joan Melton

Dar Bassie-Cripps

   I really loved doing these owls and the owls that I received in return...well they are just over the moon wonderful! 

Have a wonderful Easter and as always...
Take Care


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Irish ATC Swap

   I was so happy to be able to join this swap. I would have loved to have hosted this swap but knew that I just really didn't have the time. I wasn't even sure that I would be able to get cards done for it. I asked if someone would host this and Sandie Hamel jumped right in and hosted it. Thank you Sandie! Mom was not doing well. She had been in the hospital thirteen times since June and then back to the nursing home. She got really bad at Christmas time and I was afraid that she wouldn't be with me much longer. She passed in February a few days before her 90th birthday. Together we had planned a birthday party for her. I had so many things planned for the two of us to share. I never even got to share these ATC's with her. I really miss sharing my latest projects with her. She was my greatest fan.

   For this ATC I started with a green card stock background. I embossed the edge with Emerald embossing powder. I cut clover patterned scrapbook paper to size and then embossed the outside edge with iridescent  embossing powder. I cut a strip of the same paper and accordion folded it making the rosette flower. I then went back and cut a clover from the scrapbook paper and used a punch that punches and sets the epoxy center as it punches out the shape. I trimmed two pieces of ribbon that says "Irish Blessings" and glued them in place. I then glued my rosette flower on the card.

    This card started with a clover patterned scrapbook paper. I used glitter glue to trace over the white clovers. Then using Puffy paint I wrote the word "Luck" on freezer paper. I sat these aside to dry. I made the large clear clover by cutting it from clear plastic, the kind that is used to cover most things that we buy (toys, electronics, and other items). I used alcohol ink to color it green. I then used my heat gun to curl the petals giving it shape. I glued a rhinestone in the center. After the glitter glue background was dry I lifted the word Luck from the freezer paper and laid it in place. I found that it was lost on the background paper so I glued it on transparent vellum. Before putting it on the card I punched a small hole in the upper edge and tied a small gold charm to it with green embroidery thread. I then glued it in place. When I went to attach the large green clear clover I found that it disappeared on the background paper so I cut a vellum clover and placed it beneath it also. For the finishing touch I glued a green glittered clover charm next to it.

   I started this card by mounting green plaid scrapbook paper to white card stock. I then distressed the edges with a gold ink pad. I ran green ribbon through my sticker maker and applied it to the one edge of the card. I then re-sized and printed my favorite picture of St. Patrick chasing the snakes out of  Ireland. Wish I could live where there are no snakes. I'm terrified of them. I then mounted it on chipboard. I used the same gold ink pad on the outside edge. I glued it in place and then for the finishing touch I glued on the gold cross charm.


 Cheryl L. Russ

Leslie Brooks

April Hall

These are the ATC's that I got in return. Thanks, Ladies.

Take Care 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paper Making Part 2

   First I showed how to make the paper making box, now here are the instructions that I promised. I asked Mark to try and just take pictures of what I was doing. I didn't want to be in the pictures. I didn't want everyone to know that I was an old fat woman. The jig is up. Now everyone knows. Like I promised you will see just how easy that it is to make your own paper.

   First you put 2 cups of warm water into your blender. Then you tear up some scrap paper. The rule of thumb is one piece of paper ( I use a little more) makes one sheet of paper.

   Then you blend it until it is ground into pulp. Remember to hold on the lid when you start your blender. If you don't it will throw paper and water all over. After I start the blender, I leave it running while I get everything set up.

   I assemble the box. Lay the wooden frame with the hardware cloth on facing up. Then lay the screen on top of that.


                                                    Using the velcro straps secure it together.

                   Then ease it into a sink that has a couple of inches of water in, with the screen at the bottom.

                                    Then pour the paper pulp from your blender into the box.

 Gently move it around by wiggling your fingers around, being careful not to rub it against the bottom of the box.

                        Carefully and slowly lift the box out of the sink keeping it as level as possible.

     Then you carefully release the velcro straps and lift the bottom wire frame with the paper pulp on it away. Being careful not to disturb the paper pulp.

  Place another piece of screen over it while it is still on the frame. Use a sponge to soak up the excess water. There will be a lot of water. Then flip it over removing the wire frame. Carefully peel  away the top screen.

              At this point I lay a piece of felt over it and press down hard to remove even more water.

   Then I remove the felt blotter. I pick it up using the bottom screen and move it where I will leave it lay to air dry.


   I turn it over as I lay it out to dry on another piece of felt. Now I remove the bottom screen and stand back and wait for it to dry.

   There, I told you it was easy and it is. The whole process takes two or three minutes. The hardest part is waiting for it to dry. If you are in a hurry you can press it with an iron.

Take Care

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Making Handmade Paper

   Last spring I went to a Scrapbook Mega Meet in Novi, Mi. While there I was captivated by a woman making handmade paper. Since that time I have longed to make some paper of my own. I have all kinds of scrap paper. I just didn't have the box to make it in. Friday morning I decided the time was now to start making my own handmade paper. So I pulled together a few materials that I found around the house to make a paper making box.

                        I started with a produce box that I was using to hold dollhouse parts.

                  I removed the bottom.

                    I pulled together a corner clamp, an electric stapler (that also drives small nails), some glue, a couple pieces of wood, and some hardware cloth (it is usually used for cages for small animals or birds).

                    I built this frame the same size as my produce box.

                    I found some old window screen and cut it to the same size as my wooden frame.

             I made two velcro straps and attached them to my produce box.

 Then I laid the screen on top of my wire covered frame and then put the box together by fastening it tightly with the velcro straps.

                           Now I am ready to make my first piece of paper.

                           These are my first pieces of handmade paper. I did it! It was fun and easy. On my next blog I will show you just how easy it is. I need to have someone here to help take the pictures. I'm sure my husband Mark will take the pictures for me. Be sure to check back later for instruction on how to make your own handmade paper that you can use to decorate cards, scrapbook pages, or ATC's.

Take Care