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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Making Handmade Paper

   Last spring I went to a Scrapbook Mega Meet in Novi, Mi. While there I was captivated by a woman making handmade paper. Since that time I have longed to make some paper of my own. I have all kinds of scrap paper. I just didn't have the box to make it in. Friday morning I decided the time was now to start making my own handmade paper. So I pulled together a few materials that I found around the house to make a paper making box.

                        I started with a produce box that I was using to hold dollhouse parts.

                  I removed the bottom.

                    I pulled together a corner clamp, an electric stapler (that also drives small nails), some glue, a couple pieces of wood, and some hardware cloth (it is usually used for cages for small animals or birds).

                    I built this frame the same size as my produce box.

                    I found some old window screen and cut it to the same size as my wooden frame.

             I made two velcro straps and attached them to my produce box.

 Then I laid the screen on top of my wire covered frame and then put the box together by fastening it tightly with the velcro straps.

                           Now I am ready to make my first piece of paper.

                           These are my first pieces of handmade paper. I did it! It was fun and easy. On my next blog I will show you just how easy it is. I need to have someone here to help take the pictures. I'm sure my husband Mark will take the pictures for me. Be sure to check back later for instruction on how to make your own handmade paper that you can use to decorate cards, scrapbook pages, or ATC's.

Take Care

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