Welcome! I started this blog because I love to craft. I dabble with scrap booking, and card making. I love bending, folding and tweaking paper. I try other crafts, too. I hope to share some projects with you.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Latest Projects

   I felt that it was time to update my blog. It's not that I haven't been creating...I have. This week I finally got around to doing some floral arrangements for my porch. I took everything that I would need outside and worked on the picnic table. I hate getting styrofoam, moss, and just the general clutter that I make doing my projects inside on the carpeting. They took me longer than expected because the wind chased me off the porch for two days. So this morning I finished them!

   I made two, one for each side of the doorway. I got these planters years ago at a home improvement store. They had live flowers in them, but they didn't live very long because I kept forgetting to water them. So this summer I bumped into them while cleaning out the porch storage area, and I decided to put artificial flowers in them. I had a couple hanging baskets and a little wagon with two buckets of artificial geraniums in. They were really battered and worn. They had to be ten years old! My husband kept trying to get me to throw them  out. I'm sure glad that I held onto them. With a few things from the Dollar Store I was able to create both of these for less than $15.00. Tonight when my husband sees them they will be gracing the porch instead of cluttering the porch. 

   This morning after I finished my planters, I decided to dead head my flowers. Before I knew it I found myself bringing my Wizard out and pressing flowers on the porch. It only made sense because I planned  on doing some anyways for an ATC swap that I joined. Not to mention that it gets kind of messy and the best place to do it is on the porch. I had so much fun! It was hard to stop making them. I have no clue what I'll use all these background for. By finishing these I now have all my background done for The Backgrounds Only Swap. I can't wait to see what I get in return! We have to write on the back how we made them. This is wonderful. It's going to be a learning experience for everyone. When I get my returns I'll have them on my blog.

   I have also joined a Keys And Locks ATC swap. Once again I never put these on my blog until the swap is completed. While I was making backgrounds for the Background swap I also made the background for another swap that I plan on joining. So be sure and check back soon.

   It is known that I recycle many of the things that I use in my art. Don't worry. I still have a jar of flowers left. I'm very sure they will show up once again somewhere.

  I hope that everyone is finding new ways to create this summer.

Take Care


  1. Beautiful Kathy!! I love to use recycle stuff in my creations :)

  2. Thanks, Christi. Sometimes you just have to dig deep:-)