Welcome! I started this blog because I love to craft. I dabble with scrap booking, and card making. I love bending, folding and tweaking paper. I try other crafts, too. I hope to share some projects with you.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guess What I Am Up To Now?

   Recently I took on the task of an on going swap. I jumped at this opportunity. There are so many crazy silly things that I think of and say one day I will try that. Well, now that I am not always working on an ATC swap deadline, I am free to try some of those things. That does not mean that I won't continue jumping into swaps, because I will. I am addicted to those little pieces of art. I love seeing them as much as making them. Now I can see them without having to join a swap.

   For quite some time I have been making my own Washi Tape. I would cut strips of tissue paper and then run them through my sticker maker. It worked fine but I was limited to only using the tissue paper that I could find. Most times I could never find a place to use it. Something was just not quite right, the color, or the print. There has been a lot of talk about making your own Washi Tape by using paper first aid tape. So I decided to try it. I brought a roll and and went for it.

My Washi Tape

   I could only find one inch tape so I decided to use it anyway. I laid strips out on a craft board. Then using acrylic paints I painted the strips. I didn't take a lot of time because this was only an experiment. I waited for the paint to dry. Then using rubber stamps I stamped images on the strips using ink pads. I then used a steel ruler and a craft knife and cut them down the center making them into half inch strips. I rolled them onto a plastic drinking straw. Then I tested them out on an ATC that I was working on. I love this tape. Now I can make it anything that I want, any color or pattern. I will be making more and using more in the future. Of course I will be a lot more selective.

My Washi Tape ATC

   I made this ATC from scraps on my table. I punched the floral paper along the inside edge and then glued it over the top of a piece of pale pink parchment paper. By putting them together like this I had enough paper to make the background. I then used a gold ink pad along the outside edge. I used a strip of my new Washi Tape across the card. Then I made the rose using a purchased silicone mold and UTEE. After it cooled I popped it out of the mold and painted it pink with acrylic paint. When the pink paint was dried I quickly applied gold acrylic paint over the pink and wiped it off quickly leaving some of the gold behind. I found a strip of paper ribbon on my table, I cut and looped it, and glued it onto my ATC. Then I glued the rose on top. I finished this card off by writing a short verse on it. Then I tossed it into the "Keep It Going" stash.  


   Last Halloween I made Mom a Halloween costume from Dollar Store buys. After Halloween I put the pieces in a bag and shoved them into a storage closet in my studio. Mom passed away in Feb. of this year. I still miss her so much. A day never passes that I don't want to still tell her something or show her something. Every time that I would go into this closet the bag would fall out and I would feel her loss all over again. One day this week it fell out again. I decided to do something with it that would make me smile instead of fight back tears.

  Mom in her costume.

 My finished ribbon container.

   I had this animal cookie container that I used for doggie treats. I put them in something else, and washed the container out. Then using my hot glue gun I gave it google eyes and an animal nose that was left over from a dog flower wreath that I made. Then I cut a piece of gold fabric and glued it over some stuffing to give the head some shape. I strung the dark pink netting with glitter onto a piece of elastic, and put it around the neck making a dress. Next I took some of the light pink netting with glitter and glued it inside of the headband with the hair on. Then I slipped it onto the rim of the lid. It is easy to use. I just pull off the headband and open the jar. When I'm done I just put the lid on and shove the headband back on. Now all my ribbon scraps are in plain sight, and each time I look at my ribbon jar it makes me smile.

   Wait until you see what I'm working on now. It seems that one thing leads to another and something else pops into my head. Doing some of my latest projects gave me a couple new ideas. When I work them out I will share them with you. Don't forget to sign up for my First Blog Give-Away. The winner will be announced Tuesday. Be sure and check back then to find out who the lucky winner is.

Take Care


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Halloween Art Tag Swap

   I joined an Art Tag Halloween swap. I have never done tags before, and I loved the ideal that the hostess Lisa Wagenhurst would be putting them together into a little book. I almost didn't join because you had to make six tags. I wasn't sure that I could come up with that many ideas. I have never been much into Halloween. I don't live in a subdivision so I don't get many Trick-Or-Treaters. In fact I don't get any. The first few years that I lived here I went out and brought tons of candy. No one came and I ended up eating all the candy myself.


Front of tag one.

Back of tag one.

   First I mixed red and yellow acrylic paint together to make orange, and painted the tag. Then I applied glue and sprinkled orange glitter on it. I re-sized both images to fix the tag. On the front I used a tiny drop of black puffy paint for his eye. I cut out a top hat from felt and added a ribbon hat band and glued it on the raven. Then I made the cane from the same ribbon. I made a slit in two places and put the cane under his wing.
   For the back of the tag I used chalk to give the image an aged look. Once again I used orange glitter around the outside edges. The bottom is left without any embellishments so that it can be bound into a little book. Then I punched out tiny orange vellum flowers for the raven's hair and necklace. I put a tiny drop of glitter glue in the center of each flower. When they were dry I glued them in place. I added a tiny flower at the corner of the woman's eye. Once again I used a tiny drop of black puffy paint for the raven's eye. I then added the raven in the birdcage tied with a narrow orange ribbon. I finished the tag off with an orange ribbon tie. One down five to go.


Front of tag two.

Back of side two.

   For the background of this tag I cut small squares of waxed paper and then twisted them into little ghosts. I laid them onto white card stock and then laid a piece of parchment paper over the ghosts and ironed them with a hot iron. I then removed the little ghosts and using a blue dye pad all over the card stock I colored it dark blue. Where the wax paper ghosts were laid resisted the color leaving it white. For the front of the tag I made a ghost out of a dryer sheet, giving it black glitter eyes, and glued it in place.
   On the back of the tag I glued in place two of the little wax paper ghosts. I then added a ribbon tie. I used a blue permanent marker to color the ribbon for the tag. Two down and counting.


Front of tag three.

Back of tag three.

   For the background of this tag I used a glue stick to adhere spiderweb scrapbook paper to both sides of the tag. On the front I traced over the web with a silver gel pen. I then cut a spider out of black craft foam. I glued google eyes on him and then I glued him onto the tag attaching a thin silver thread under him.
   On the back I attached a black glittered chandelier trapping the silver thread beneath it. I then finished it off with a black spiderweb ribbon tie. Three down and counting.


Front of tag four.

Back of tag four.

   This tag started with a found image. Then I re-sized it to fit the tag. I used a ink pad to color the outside edges of the tag brown. Then I laid a piece of double sided scor-tape on my table. I cut two or three inch pieces of yarn and pressed them into the sticky side that was up. I then cut the strip down the center making two pieces, one for the front and one for the back. Then I edged the tag with the tape. Then I pulled the covering from the other side of the tape and attached the picture to the tag. Then I trimmed the yarn around the outside edge. I used a couple of pieces of the same yarn for the tag tie. Four down and two left to do.  


Front of tag five.

Back of tag five.

   I started this tag by gluing a sand scrap book paper to both side of the tag. Then I used this great label that I found. I re-sized it, cut it out and glued it to the front. Then I took a small square of a dryer sheet and shaped into the bag. I tied it with a piece of thread, and glued it in place.
   On the back I made a mummy out of cheesecloth. I brought a couple different kinds of gauze but they all had some kind of latex or something to make them stretchy. They wouldn't fray or stain. So I used cheesecloth cut into strips. I stained the strips in a cup with watercolor added. After I was happy with the color I let them dry. While they were drying I cut the head shape out of tan card stock.I mixed white glue and water together, and dipped the strips of cheesecloth into it. I pulled it between my fingers as I pulled it out of the glue and water mixture. It was a bit messy. I never mind making as mess. In fact I think I rather enjoy it. Mom used to get upset with me for making a mess. It sure is good to be grownup and be able to make a mess without getting scolded for it. I laid strips of cheesecloth down the center for his nose and across his forehead to make his brow. Then I layered more strips over the top of them. I pressed google eyes in place and using a toothpick I pulled the cheesecloth over the top and bottom of the eyes. It was really wet so I turned my oven on to the lowest temperature and after it heated up I turned it off. Then I put the mummy head in on a piece of parchment paper and put it in the oven to dry. At one point I opened up the oven to check on my mummy head. Seeing that thing looking back at me, my reaction was "Oh My God! It's Ugly! I'm So Happy." I had to laugh. I like pretty. I never thought I would be happy to make something ugly. When it was dry I trimmed it and glued it onto the back of my tag. Using some left over strips of cheesecloth I made ties for the tag. Five down and one to go!


Front of tag six.

Back of tag six.

   I started this tag by painting it black. Then I re-sized the image of the wicked witch and printed two. I cut out one and using foam tabs that I made from black craft foam myself, I placed it over the top of the other one. If you don't remember how I make sticky foam myself just a reminder...I run a piece of foam through my sticker maker and then I trim off the edge and run it through again on the other side. I leave it on the sticker paper until I'm ready to use it. This way I can make foam stickers any color I need. Then I sat it aside to make the ruffle. I tore a white specialty paper into strips and painted them black. After they dried I crumpled them to break down the fibers then I put a strip of glue around the edge and ruffled them as I laid them into the glue. Then I put my image into place.
   For the back I used an ink pad to cover the edges. I found this great image of crossed brooms. I thought it was great the way that it said "Three Sisters Broom Works" and there was only two brooms on it. I cut a toothpick for a broom handle. Then I frayed a piece of twine and glued it onto the end of the toothpick and wrapped thread around it a couple of times. I placed it between the two brooms and glued it down being careful not to cover the lettering on the bottom of the tag. I added a piece of black glitter for the tag tie. Done! It was a journey.




   I always make two of everything. One to send and one to keep. Now I had six tags it was time to make them into a little book for myself. I used Scor Tape to stick them together. I love this this stuff, it is so strong and easy to use. You don't even need scissors. If you want you can just tear it with your fingers. For the binding I just applied Scor Tape to the backside of some black glitter ribbon and stuck it in place. How cool is that? Now all I have to do is wait to see the tag book that I get from the swap. I'm so excited. Since this is such a long blog I decided to blog my tag book now but don't worry, when I get my Halloween Tag Book from the swap I will blog that so that everyone can see it too.

Take Care 
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Art Doll ATC Swap

   For quite some time I have wanted to join an Art Doll swap but each time that there was one I was too busy with other things to join. I finally got it right! Nothing to do and an art doll swap. Wonderful!


   While searching online I found this jointed doll by PheeMcFaddell. I couldn't help myself. I love fairies, so I downloaded it so that one day I could make it. Sounds easy enough doesn't it? Well, it was anything but easy. She is made to be a large size doll not an ATC.  I had to re-size her repeatedly so many times that I finally turned my printer settings to black and white to save printer ink. When I finally got her size right there was still a major problem...her limbs were so thin that there was no way to use tiny brads to hold her together. So once again I had to re-size her. After two more tries I managed to keep her height while making her wider. I finally changed my printer back to to color and printed her.Wow! My printer has a way of printing things lighter than they should be. Yet if I enhance or darken the color it only makes the object look muddy. So I printed it as is on card stock and then using watercolors I painted it. After the paint was dry I went back in with gel pens and gave it glittery accents. I painted the wings with Extreme Glitter paint. Then I gave it two coats of  Mod Podge. I applied each coat in different directions giving the surface a cloth like finish. I could be wrong but in my opinion applying it this way makes the paper stronger. I needed all the help I could get because the pieces were still very small and could possibly tear while putting it together. Using a large needle I pierced the holes for joining the doll together. Then I put in the tiny brads. As tiny as they were they still were so large that they showed so I had to trim them with pliers to keep them from showing. This left them sharp. I poked my fingers with them several times. I ended up with bleeding fingertips. So I warned everyone that the brads could be sharp and to take care opening the Art Doll. Even though it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be to make this doll I will one day make another.


Ann Dale

Lisa Wagenhurst

Melody Strahan

   Thanks ladies for a great collection of art dolls to add to my ATC collection. I hope that all of you enjoy seeing these as much as I enjoyed receiving them.

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Take Care

Friday, September 13, 2013

Background Only Part 2

   A few weeks ago I joined a swap called Backgounds Only. I really didn't see why I would want backgrounds only until I thought about it more. Than I realized that it would be a great way to learn how to make backgrounds that I didn't even know existed. I had so much fun that I couldn't resist joining another. This is Backgrounds Only Part 2.


   This background was created by grating crayons. Yes, crayons, using a cheese grater from my kitchen. I grated various colors of crayons onto white card stock. Then I laid a piece of wax paper over it and ironed it between a folded piece of parchment paper. This whole project was a real mess but so much fun! The grated crayons got all over everything and the melted crayons ran all over my ironing board. I had so much fun playing like a kid once again. Isn't that what art is supposed to be?


   One day this summer I took my Wizard die cutter out on the porch and using the embossing pad and flowers I made this background. I made many backgrounds that day by running fresh flowers through my Wizard. I was glad that I done it outside because it was a bit messy with crushed flowers and juice all over the place. I found the others beautiful but this interesting. This started out as Scarlet Bee balm. It's a flower with a thick dark center. The juice from the center stained the paper brown and as it dried the scarlet faded. It made me think of an old faded wallpaper from years ago. I sprayed it with copper Perfect Pearls. I chose this one to send into the swap.


   This background was created by using masking fluid. Using a brush or nib draw an image onto paper. After it dries using watercolors or other medium paint over the image. When the paint is dry using your fingertip rub off the masking fluid. 


Christine (from England)
Christine's comment is the first one below. She left a link telling how she made her background.

Sue Spencer
Spray Webbing

Kathy Scholl
Separated paper napkin glued onto card stock

   These are lovely backgrounds. Thanks so much ladies!
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Take Care

Saturday, September 7, 2013


   I have been writing this blog for quite some time. I sometimes wonder if anyone is reading it, or if I"m just wasting my time. So I thought maybe it was time to have a give-way to see how many people visit my blog. So I went into my studio and started putting together a package of goodies.


   1. The top two rows contain 24 assorted papers trimmed to ATC's size, and border pieces.
   2. The second row is red ribbon roses, a bag of little embellishments, a bag of earth tone fibers, a card of ribbon pieces, above the ribbon is a jar of gold glass micro-beads and confetti Puffy Paint, and a bag of
      assorted punched letters.
   3. The last row is yellow and red tiny bows, a bag with paper doilies, gold metal disks, and tiny tags, then
       there is a bag of gold, frost, and silver Flower Soft. Beneath the Flower Soft is a package of glitter glue.

   All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below. Oct. 1st. I will announce the winner. Good luck to all!

Take Care

Monday, September 2, 2013

Backgrounds Only ATC Swap Part One

   I almost didn't join this swap. I couldn't imagine for the life of me why I would want to receive ATC's that were only backgrounds. What would I do with them? I couldn't use them on any of my ATC's...they wouldn't really be mine. Then I started thinking a little more about it. You were to write on the back how they were made. Not a bad idea. I could learn something new! So I jumped in. I'm glad I did. I had so must fun. Usually I'm working on something. I am directed towards getting it done. This was a great opportunity to just play around in my studio.


 Paste Paper

   This is a lot of fun. You will need to make this in an area that you can spread out in. You can't make just one sheet of paper. You get quite a few. They will take overnight to dry so make sure you have an out of the way place to put them in. In a medium saucepan Put 2 1/2 cups of water, stir in 1/3 cup of cornstarch. Cook over low heat until it thickens. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Add pigments to color and use immediately. Apply to paper and while still wet use foam stamps or other objects to give texture or patterns.

Wax Paper Batik

   Crumple wax paper repeatedly. Un-crumple and iron between parchment paper onto white card stock. After paper cools apply dye ink onto card stock. Wipe off excess ink. For this I first used a tan dye ink and then after wiping that off I applied a blue dye ink. I think this looks a lot like leather.

White Glue Resist

   Glue a colorful magazine picture to card stock and allow to dry. Using white glue draw or dribble a design on the paper. After glue is dry, using Never Dull rub until color is removed from magazine picture leaving behind the glue design. Paint or color and while still wet quickly rub paint off glue design allowing magazine picture to show through.


Jan Gray

   Jan created this background using homemade Glimmer Mists. She spritzed them on in various colors and after they dried she stamped the black items using stazon ink and using a silver ink pad she stamped the key.
Beautiful background Jan. If you are wondering how she made the homemade Glimmer Mist this is the recipe that she graciously shared with me. I am sure that she won't mind me sharing it with you.

Home Made Glimmer Mist

Metallic paint from the craft section. 
Just enough to cover the bottom of a small spray bottle.
Then add rubbing alcohol. 
Shake and use.

Dina Greer

   Dina created this background by using watercolors on a coffee filter. Then she glued it to the card stock using Mod Podge. Great background Dina, I will certainly use this technique sometime. 

Kristi Johnson

   Kristi created this background using alcohol inks making something called Polished Stone. The instructions are long so Kristi gave them in the first comment below. Thank you, Kristi! It is so much prettier than the picture shows.

Thanks ladies for the beautiful ATC's. I will use them like recipe cards. Be sure to come back sometime soon for the next installment "Background Only Part Two", 

Take Care