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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Art Doll ATC Swap

   For quite some time I have wanted to join an Art Doll swap but each time that there was one I was too busy with other things to join. I finally got it right! Nothing to do and an art doll swap. Wonderful!


   While searching online I found this jointed doll by PheeMcFaddell. I couldn't help myself. I love fairies, so I downloaded it so that one day I could make it. Sounds easy enough doesn't it? Well, it was anything but easy. She is made to be a large size doll not an ATC.  I had to re-size her repeatedly so many times that I finally turned my printer settings to black and white to save printer ink. When I finally got her size right there was still a major problem...her limbs were so thin that there was no way to use tiny brads to hold her together. So once again I had to re-size her. After two more tries I managed to keep her height while making her wider. I finally changed my printer back to to color and printed her.Wow! My printer has a way of printing things lighter than they should be. Yet if I enhance or darken the color it only makes the object look muddy. So I printed it as is on card stock and then using watercolors I painted it. After the paint was dry I went back in with gel pens and gave it glittery accents. I painted the wings with Extreme Glitter paint. Then I gave it two coats of  Mod Podge. I applied each coat in different directions giving the surface a cloth like finish. I could be wrong but in my opinion applying it this way makes the paper stronger. I needed all the help I could get because the pieces were still very small and could possibly tear while putting it together. Using a large needle I pierced the holes for joining the doll together. Then I put in the tiny brads. As tiny as they were they still were so large that they showed so I had to trim them with pliers to keep them from showing. This left them sharp. I poked my fingers with them several times. I ended up with bleeding fingertips. So I warned everyone that the brads could be sharp and to take care opening the Art Doll. Even though it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be to make this doll I will one day make another.


Ann Dale

Lisa Wagenhurst

Melody Strahan

   Thanks ladies for a great collection of art dolls to add to my ATC collection. I hope that all of you enjoy seeing these as much as I enjoyed receiving them.

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Take Care


  1. how brilliant! Love your fairy, have a fondness for them myself. Thanks for sharing the Modgepodge tip - will try to remember that one.
    I wanted to enter this swap, printed the dolls and then forgot about them...... I do keep myself amused.

  2. LOL! Don't throw them away. If you keep them long enough I'm sure they will one day have a comeback.

  3. These are lovely and you did a fantastic job! I hope to be lucky enough to get one of your
    creations in a swap :)