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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guess What I Am Up To Now?

   Recently I took on the task of an on going swap. I jumped at this opportunity. There are so many crazy silly things that I think of and say one day I will try that. Well, now that I am not always working on an ATC swap deadline, I am free to try some of those things. That does not mean that I won't continue jumping into swaps, because I will. I am addicted to those little pieces of art. I love seeing them as much as making them. Now I can see them without having to join a swap.

   For quite some time I have been making my own Washi Tape. I would cut strips of tissue paper and then run them through my sticker maker. It worked fine but I was limited to only using the tissue paper that I could find. Most times I could never find a place to use it. Something was just not quite right, the color, or the print. There has been a lot of talk about making your own Washi Tape by using paper first aid tape. So I decided to try it. I brought a roll and and went for it.

My Washi Tape

   I could only find one inch tape so I decided to use it anyway. I laid strips out on a craft board. Then using acrylic paints I painted the strips. I didn't take a lot of time because this was only an experiment. I waited for the paint to dry. Then using rubber stamps I stamped images on the strips using ink pads. I then used a steel ruler and a craft knife and cut them down the center making them into half inch strips. I rolled them onto a plastic drinking straw. Then I tested them out on an ATC that I was working on. I love this tape. Now I can make it anything that I want, any color or pattern. I will be making more and using more in the future. Of course I will be a lot more selective.

My Washi Tape ATC

   I made this ATC from scraps on my table. I punched the floral paper along the inside edge and then glued it over the top of a piece of pale pink parchment paper. By putting them together like this I had enough paper to make the background. I then used a gold ink pad along the outside edge. I used a strip of my new Washi Tape across the card. Then I made the rose using a purchased silicone mold and UTEE. After it cooled I popped it out of the mold and painted it pink with acrylic paint. When the pink paint was dried I quickly applied gold acrylic paint over the pink and wiped it off quickly leaving some of the gold behind. I found a strip of paper ribbon on my table, I cut and looped it, and glued it onto my ATC. Then I glued the rose on top. I finished this card off by writing a short verse on it. Then I tossed it into the "Keep It Going" stash.  


   Last Halloween I made Mom a Halloween costume from Dollar Store buys. After Halloween I put the pieces in a bag and shoved them into a storage closet in my studio. Mom passed away in Feb. of this year. I still miss her so much. A day never passes that I don't want to still tell her something or show her something. Every time that I would go into this closet the bag would fall out and I would feel her loss all over again. One day this week it fell out again. I decided to do something with it that would make me smile instead of fight back tears.

  Mom in her costume.

 My finished ribbon container.

   I had this animal cookie container that I used for doggie treats. I put them in something else, and washed the container out. Then using my hot glue gun I gave it google eyes and an animal nose that was left over from a dog flower wreath that I made. Then I cut a piece of gold fabric and glued it over some stuffing to give the head some shape. I strung the dark pink netting with glitter onto a piece of elastic, and put it around the neck making a dress. Next I took some of the light pink netting with glitter and glued it inside of the headband with the hair on. Then I slipped it onto the rim of the lid. It is easy to use. I just pull off the headband and open the jar. When I'm done I just put the lid on and shove the headband back on. Now all my ribbon scraps are in plain sight, and each time I look at my ribbon jar it makes me smile.

   Wait until you see what I'm working on now. It seems that one thing leads to another and something else pops into my head. Doing some of my latest projects gave me a couple new ideas. When I work them out I will share them with you. Don't forget to sign up for my First Blog Give-Away. The winner will be announced Tuesday. Be sure and check back then to find out who the lucky winner is.

Take Care


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  1. OK I have to try making my own washi tape - GREAT idea to wind it up on straws! And that costume is so sweet - I love how you re-purposed it to make that ribbon container. . . I'd love for you to check out my blog :)