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Friday, October 4, 2013

Homemade Silicone Molds

   About ten days ago I decided it was time to re-caulk my bathtubs. So I brought some silicone caulk and got to work. I've done a lot of caulking in my time...and cleaning up after. When I was a kid I made little balls out of caulk and tossed them around. Now I'm older I play a little differently. I started thinking about trying to make silicone molds out of the caulk. I love charms, but hate to use them. Once they're gone, they're gone. So after I finished the one bathtub, I started experimenting with the caulk that I got for the bathtubs. The other bathtub could wait. It took a little time to get it right. I knew I needed to add something to the caulk to make it less sticky and to help dry it out after I made my image. I tried salt...trust me it didn't work. I needed something less course and grainy. So I thought about other things like flour and thought that it might over time spoil. I decided on baking powder. I was just perfect!

   I powdered a non-stick craft sheet with baking powder and squeezed out some silicone caulk onto it.

   Then using a couple of scrapers I started blending the two together. One to blend the mixture and one to clean off the other. 

    When It got to the texture of Silly Putty or molding clay, I put Vaseline on my hands and rolled it into a ball. Then I flattened it with a rolling pin.

   Then I took a button and gave it a coat of Vaseline and pressed it into it. I told you that I don't have many charms. 

     Make sure that you press it in deep enough to make a deep impression to fill. 

   Don't worry about it getting stuck. In four or five minutes it will be dry enough to gently lift and flex the mold popping it out.

The silicone molds that I made.

    This was fun so I made a few more molds. This is great, I can make as many molds as I want without breaking the bank. The caulk was $4.00 and the baking powder $1.69. This turned out some really nice flexible molds. After letting them sit overnight. I got out my melting pot and melted UTEE and started making embellishments. These can be painted any way I like. I won't paint them until I decide to use them. That way I can paint them to match what I'm using them on. 
   My homemade silicone molds have been sitting out on my table for several days and still remain flexible. Although they show no signs of drying out I have decided to store them in a plastic bag. Well, I made a few mistakes. It was a learning experience. Now, I'm not sure that I have enough caulk left to finish caulking the other bathtub...but you know what they say about all work and no play!

Take Care


  1. So cool! I might have to give this a try - silicone caulk is so much cheaper than that stuff that they sell specifically to make molds.

  2. WOW! What a fabulous idea!! I would have never thought to do this & they came out perfect! Thanks for working the bugs out for us :)

  3. thanks for sharing.. this is fab!! I have several charms I used when I had the mold making epoxy but that stuff is EXPENSIVE so I just have not gotten any more.. great job!! We are preparing in case TS Karen becomes Hurricane Karen and we are going to get silicone caul for the rain barrel.. this will be perfect way to use the rest of the tube!