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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas ATC's For Friends

   This year I decided that I would send a few people a Christmas ATC. Those that make and collect ATC's would much rather get an ATC than a Christmas card.


    I started these cards by cutting colored card stock to size. I then crumpled wax paper and then carefully un-crumpled it. Then I pressed the wax paper into a gold or silver ink pad. I transferred the ink onto the card stock by placing it on top and then pressing in and gently rubbing it down. This should have gone along quickly but it didn't. I used a heat gun on them until I could no longer hold it. The ink still wasn't dry. So I turned on the oven to its lowest temperature and put them in for a couple of hours. The smell was horrible. It still didn't dry so I sprayed it with a fixative. Now I could handle them, but the spray fixative took away the shine of the gold and silver ink. I sure hope that anyone reading this will let me know what kind of gold or silver ink that they use. I used gold or silver tinsel embossing powder for the image and around the outside edge of the center image and the outside edge of the card. I finished each card off with a ribbon. 

 For this ATC I adhered tissue paper to white card stock using Mod Podge. Then I stamp the image using green tinsel embossing powder. I then used it on the outside edges of both the image and the outside edge of the card. I finished it off with a green ribbon.

   I couldn't find any candy cane striped paper so I used a ruler and drew my own stripes. Then I colored them red using a brush marker. I then sprayed the card with a fixative and went over the red stripe with red glitter glue. After it was dry I stamped the Santa with red tinsel embossing powder. Then using red tinsel embossing powder I did the outside edge of both the image and the card. Then I tied it with ribbon.

I hope that you enjoyed looking at these ATC's. I have been very busy on other Christmas swaps. Wait until you see these ATC's. Some are so neat that I can't believe that I made them. I can't show these to you until they are swapped out. I never want to ruin anyone's surprise. I made a handmade gift but once again I can't show you until it reaches it's new home.

Be sure and check back soon. I have so much to share with you.

Take Care

1 comment:

  1. Love what you did with these ATCs.
    I've used tissue paper but I screw it up, open it out and then adhere it to the card. I think it is called - Faux Silk. When it is dry I then stamp an image and colour it.
    I shall have to try your method though!
    Thanks for sharing