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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Village ATC Swap

   I recently joined an ATC swap that was Christmas Village. I love making little houses. I have built three wooden dollhouses and am now working on my fourth. I have a leaded glass village that I made. So I could hardly wait to make these tiny miniatures.


   For the base of this house I first painted white card stock grey. I then ran it through my Big Shot using a brick embossing plate. Then I used a red ink pad over the top, creating the red brick front. For the white peak of the house using my score board I scored a piece of white card stock every 1/8" to give it the look of white siding. I used the same red ink pad on a piece of white card stock that I cut into 1/8" strips to use for making the trim for the door and windows. For the round window on the door I inked a page re-enforcer with the red ink pad. To make the windows I first used a yellow permanent ink pan and colored aluminum foil. After it was dry the windows were glued in place by first running them through my sticker maker and then pressing them down onto the foil. I then trimmed the foil away. Before putting the front window of this house down I embossed a Christmas tree with green embossing powder and then cut it out and ran it through my sticker maker and glued it down on the foil. Then I centered the front window and pressed it into place. Then all the windows were once again ran through my sticker maker and put in place on the house. I glued the door in place.  For the string of Christmas lights I laid out a piece of green thread on wax paper and then dropped tiny drops of glitter glue in red, green, blue, and yellow spaced evenly onto the thread. While they dried I used a Snow Writer to put snow on the roof and around the windows. After it dried I lightly touched the snow with crystal glitter glue. The wreath was made by first coloring a page re-enforcer green. Then I spread it with glue and pushed it into green Flower Soft. I tied a tiny red ribbon bow and glued it on the wreath. Then I glued it at the roof line.

   For this house I cut 1/4" strips of white card stock for the siding. I glued them onto a base of white card stock overlapping one over the other. Then I painted that yellow. I cut the house shape, and then using 1/8" white card stock I made the windows and door trim. Then using my sticker maker I put them in place. Then I put snow on the roof line and lightly applied glitter glue on the snow around the windows and door. I made the pine garland by pressing a white fiber into a green dye pad. After it dried I glued it in place. Then I glued the Christmas lights in place. I finished the house by putting a gingerbread man in front of the front window.

  I painted a piece of white card stock brown. After it dried I ran it through my Big shot using a stone embossing plate. I lightly shaded the stone using a dark brown ink pad. The windows were made the same as the above houses. Then using my sticker maker I put them in place. I put snow on the roof and around the windows and door. Then I glued the green fiber pine garland and Christmas lights in place. For the final touch I put a snowman outside in front of one of the windows.

   For this house I once again used my Big Shot to emboss the tile pattern for the roof. I then lightly shaded it with a terracotta dye pad. I cut strips of it to trim the windows, the door, and the motif above the door. I made the stucco by adding sand to white acrylic paint and dabbed it onto white card stock for the house. Then I cut the roof line and assembled the house. Then I added the snow and glitter and glued the Christmas lights in place. I made the tree in front by putting glue on a tree shaped button and pushing it into green flower soft. I put little drops of glitter glue on the tree for lights. The wreath was made the same way and tied with a tiny gold bow.


 Our Hostess Raeven Davis created this gorgeous layout.

                    Mary Redford                           Nydia  Dominguez                   Jeannie Massie          Cheryl Higgins

   Aren't they just beautiful? I really love these and I enjoyed making mine. Maybe next year I'll make a few more. Thanks ladies for a truly wonderful swap!

Take Care


  1. I love yours!!! I can't wait to get mine! This wait is exciting! ~Nydia

  2. I know that you will be as thrilled as I was.