Welcome! I started this blog because I love to craft. I dabble with scrap booking, and card making. I love bending, folding and tweaking paper. I try other crafts, too. I hope to share some projects with you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Renaissance Fair Scrapbook Spread

   Recently my daughter, granddaughter and I went to a Renaissance Fair in Holly, Mi. Believe it or not people come from all over the country to visit this fair. It is famous for it's jousts, other live entertainment, themed sales booths, and it's food. One favorite food is turkey legs. They just hand you the whole leg without a plate or napkins. It was strange to see people walking around eating them. Everyone that works there is in costume and many of the guests dress-up too. All in all it's a great way to spend the day. We had a wonderful time.


Left Page

Right Page

   I have never liked doing what scrapbookers call journaling. This page was fun because I let the program, a handout and the ticket stub do it for me. They tell what, where, and when. The who is me, my daughter, and granddaughter. We won't be forgotten because at the back of each scrapbook that I make I include a page that tells more about each scrapbook page.
I hope that you enjoyed this page spread. If you would like to see more pages join the Scrapbook Nook and feast your eyes on some really great layouts. Email me at ozmudder@hotmail.com to join.

Take Care

Thursday, November 6, 2014

September Tags "Remember When You Were A Kid"

   In September most people are either getting their children ready to go back to school or remembering when they used to look forward to going back to school. It's funny how that memory can trigger so many other childhood memories. I loved teddy bears and helium filled balloons. The only places that had helium filled balloons when I was a kid were circus's and amusement parks. So of course I loved those balloons.


The teddy bear is flocked.



 Marna Bennett

 Judy Lawson

 Barbara Hahn

 Carol Kirkland

 Kathe Scholl

 Lori Otto

Kathy Keller

   These brought back so many memories. I know by looking that the other artists enjoyed walking down memory lane as much as I did. I hope you enjoyed looking at these.

Take Care

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Halloween

   Today I spent some time with my little ones. We had a real live photo shoot complete with costumes, make-up and scenery. My little kids love having their pictures taken. They get so excited that while I'm getting things ready they prance around under my feet getting in the way. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we did taking these.

 Skeeter "The Cowardly Lion"

Cindy "Dorothy"
Skeeter N Cindy Together

   We want to wish you all a Happy Halloween. May you be safe and happy.

Take Care 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Some Long Over Due ATC Swaps

   I have been so busy lately that finding the time to blog is nearly impossible. I have joined some ATC swaps that I really enjoyed. I'm sure that the other artists enjoyed making their cards as much I enjoyed making mine. I felt that it was long past due that I share them with you.


Kathy Cabble 

Marna Bennett

 Kathy Scholl

 Hollie Fox


Kathy Cabble

 Hollie Fox

 Elena Garcia

 Barbara Hahn


Kathy Cabble

 Kathy Keller

 Sandie Hamel

Judy Lawson

   I'm know that I usually bore you with the details of how I made my cards...it's like I said I'm kind of busy right now. I still have 8 to 10 more ATC Swaps to share with you. I want to share the abundant art cards that I've received. I hope it won't take as long to blog them as it has these. If anyone has any comments or questions just leave them below and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

Take Care

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Tag Book

   Most of you are probably wondering what I have been up to since it seems that I'm not blogging anymore. I admit that I've fallen behind. It's not that I haven't been creating art because I have. Since I blogged last I have made several sets of ATC's for swaps. I have made Tags for swaps. I have created a double scrapbook page. I groomed my two dogs, now it's time to groom them again. Most importantly I have made another book. I created this Tag Book to hold all the Tags that I received from friends. The art inside is from numerous artists. None of the Tags are my work. I only created the book to hold them. This is my Tag Book.


   This is my finished book. The cover is made from a vinyl scrapbook paper that I have had for years. I brought it to use one day for a book cover. This is that day. The metallic butterflies I have also had for quite some time.  I have been saying them for something special. This is that day. The cover of a special book filled with my friends art. The flowers and leaves I made myself. I cut them from metallic scrapbook paper and gift bags to match the metallic butterflies. Gift bags are a great resource for paper crafting. I spent days dry embossing and assembling the flowers and leaves.


   No book would be complete without a title. I titled mine "My Friends Art" because that is what it is. I also added "Vol. 1." because hopefully there will be another just like it a twin "Vol. 2".


   This is the inside of the front cover. The paper is scrapbook paper that once again I have had for a very long time. It is flocked butterflies. I brought the gold butterflies at a Scrapbook convention a few years ago.


   As you can see that by attaching the tag to the front of the accordion fold spline insert, there is a place to write the artists name on the back of each page. I am sure that even though I remember their names now somewhere in the future I will forget.



   To make the spline sturdy enough to support the weight of the double sided pages you will need to cover the folded spline with double sided tape. Then cut a piece of Tyvec paper. Those priority mail envelopes that you get in the mail are made from this. I save all mine just for this purpose. They are indestructible. Apply it to your folded spline. Then once again apply double sided tape to the Tyvec and sit it aside.



      Since the tags are 4"x6" I cut two pieces of sturdy cardboard. I added 1/4" to the length making the cover pieces 4 1/4"x6 1/4". At this time I thought about clipping the two cover pieces corners and making it tag shaped. After looking down on the pages I decided not to as they are all shaped differently. I cut the spline piece 4 1/4" x 2" (The 2" was determined by the width of my pages. Yours will differ according to how many pages you make.) I then cut a piece of Tyvek and applied double sided tape to it. Then I centered the spline and pressed it onto the Tyvec.


   Next I placed a 1/2" piece of double sided tape on both sides of the spline. Do Not forget this step. It is important in allowing your cover to close. I then placed the cover pieces in place. Be sure to rub them down good.


   Next I covered the cardboard cover with double sided tape.


   Then I cut a sheet of scrapbook paper in half. I applied first the front. Then I moved to the back side of the cover. Carefully line up the remaining piece of cover paper on the back of your book. Apply double sided tape to the outside edge of the scrapbook paper and some in the center. Making sure that the seam is not in the fold or over lapping the edge apply the back cover paper. Rub the paper down. Then trim the cover paper to 3/4".

   Then apply double sided tape along the outside edge. At this time I train the paper by folding it in place all around the outside edge. Do this carefully two or three times being careful not to tear the paper.

   At this time remove the tape on both sides of the spline. Before going any farther cut across the corners of the paper at an angle, staying about 1/8" away from the corners of your cover. Starting in the center press the paper down into the taped edge being careful not to tear the paper. Fold in both the top and bottom before moving to the sides of your book. Rub around tape down making sure that it is secure.


      Now is the time to get the inside of the book that you sat aside before.

    Remove the backing from the double sided tape and carefully center it over the spline of your book. Carefully rub it down into the fold of the cover without tearing. Push the pages down against the spline. It is important to make sure that it is securely attached.

   Now carefully measure your cover. Cut the paper 1/4"smaller so that when you put it in place there will be 1/8" of the cover material showing on the inside edge of your book.

   Now remove the tape backing and put the inside of your book covers in place.

 Now you're ready to decorate the cover. This really isn't a hard book to make. I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and are ready to go make your own book. 

Take Care