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Friday, February 14, 2014

New Years Resolution ATC Swap

   This swap was extremely hard for me to do. Every idea that I came up with would have needed to be poster size for it to work. Finally I decided that maybe for it to work for me I needed to approach the theme honestly. That would mean no resolutions. I never make New years Resolutions anymore. I stopped making them years ago when I realized that I never kept them anyways. I got tired of dealing with the defeat. So I just stopped making them. My New Years Resolution has been for years "No New Years Resolutions". Once I decided that I should be honest, it was easy to come up with my ATC.


   I started by finding a scrapbook paper that made me think of a tablecloth. I mounted it on card stock. Then I went on the web and found this silly looking woman clip art. She was perfect so I removed her from her background, re-sized her and printed her out. Then I cut her out and glued her on my background. I used a circle paper punch and punched out a few circles. Using watercolor pencils I drew some of my favorite foods on them. I then scanned and re-sized them, and cut them out. I glued them above the woman's head. Then I cut a narrow piece of paper for the banner. I used a gel pen to write "No Resolutions" on it. Then I folded it and glued it in place. I finished the ATC by writing "No Diets" on her shirt with a fine black felt pen.


Kathy Scholl

 Unknown Artist

Bonnie O Hara

   I really struggled with this theme. I have to wonder "Did the others?" It sure doesn't look like it to me. All I see is confidence. It looks like they knew just exactly what they were going to do and then done it. Maybe I should start thinking ahead to next year. Wait. Are we talking about me? The one that would never get anything done if it weren't for the last minute. 
 I hope that you enjoyed seeing these as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you.

Take Care

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