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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Wizard Of Oz ATC Swap

   When I was a little girl I saw The Wizard Of Oz. I fell in love with Dorothy and all the other characters, but mostly the cute little dog. I read every Oz book I could get my hands on. I grew up but never outgrew my love for Oz. As an adult I started collecting Oz items. One day I found this adorable pop-up Wizard Of Oz book. I was so excited. I brought it home and could hardly wait to share it with my granddaughter that was five at the time. I could hardly get her to listen as I read her the story and showed her the pictures. I couldn't believe that she just wasn't interested in Oz. When she visits me she sleeps in a room surrounded by my Oz collection. To this day she still isn't interested. Oh well, I am. For years I've been waiting for someone to host a Wizard Of Oz swap. I have wanted for a long time to try to make a pop-up Oz ATC. Finally when I could wait no longer I decided to host the swap myself.   


This is the front cover.

   The cover was cut from card stock. I cut it 3 1/2"x5". I embossed one half using a brick embossing plate. I folded it in half making a front and back cover. Then I put a coat of Mod Podge on it. I scanned and re-sized a picture of Dorothy that was in the book. I printed her and then cut her out. Then I used Glossy Accents on her. I then found the poppies in another book. I scanned them, re-sized them, cut them out and then put a coat of Glossy Accents on them. I photo shopped the banner. I cut it out and then put a coat of Glossy Accents on it. When everything was dry I assembled the pieces making the cover.

This is the inside.

   For the inside of my ATC I scanned a page from my Wizard Of Oz book. I re-sized it several times before I could make it work. There is a fine line between cutting it out and cutting it up. I finally made it work. Using my large book as a pattern I cut the lines and then made the folds. Gluing it to the cover was a real trick. I had to place pieces of waxed paper between the pop-up and the cover to keep them from becoming glued together. A dab of glue in the wrong place and the card wouldn't work. The whole card would be ruined. This is definitely the hardest ATC that I've ever made. I think it's the nicest. But then it's Oz. Of course I love it.


Jan Caldwell

Bonnie OHara

Laureta Linett

Nark Royer

Melissa Stocker

Teresa Hoffman

Kathy Haynes

Kathleen Spitz

Ann Marie Phipps

Kathy Keller

   After waiting for so long for an Oz swap, I sure wasn't disappointed. There were so many different Oz's. Some that I had never seen before. It was wonderful to see them all together like this. Now I really am an Oz lover! I want to thank all of the artists that made this swap such a roaring success. It was a three for three swap. Those that sent four, one was for me. A huge thank you to everyone that sent me a hostess ATC. It made it a lot easier to let these enchanting ATC's go. I really didn't let them go, by putting them on my blog I can revisit them again and again.

Take Care


  1. What a superb selection!! So many different interpretations, love the steampunk from Laurata.
    I am not a follower although I do enjoy the film when it comes on TV.
    Well done you for hosting.
    aka Cattsmom2004

  2. Kathy , wow I love all your the wizard of oz they are so cute did you host this in a diffrent group ??
    Thank you ...MaryRedford

    God bless!!