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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fairy Birdhouse Book Box

   Just before Christmas last year I shared a birdhouse book box that I had made for a friend. At that time I was also working on one for myself. A lot of other projects got in between me and finishing my own Birdhouse Book Box. Saturday I pushed everything away and pulled together the parts for my box that were scattered all over my studio. I made up my mind it was time to finish it for me. I love fairies so I was really happy to find this one at Micheal's. She was in the toy department. She was supposed to be riding a cardinal but her cardinal was gone so I picked her up for half price. She was wearing mustard yellow tights, a teal green tunic, and black shoes. I brought her home and pulled off  her pitiful little wings and then I painted her pearl blue, with dark blue shoes. I pulled apart a Dollar Store headband with sparkly blue fabric and blue butterflies on the antennas. I cut the fabric off and made her a sparkly blue tunic. Then I used one of the blue butterflies for her wings. The bird's tail was green so I painted it blue to match my fairy. I'm so happy that I finally finished my book box. I'm real happy with the way it turned out.



Right Side


Left Side

Showing The Roof Book With ATC

   This time I included the template for this box. The complete instructions can be found on this blog at Friday, December 20, 2013. Bird House Book Box.

   With the help of a friend there is a printable template for this book box. If you are interested email this blog at  cabblecottagecreations@gmail.com.
Thanks for looking.

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  1. This is gorgeous, Kathy! I love it!

  2. How kind to make this house for the fairies - love it!!
    Thanks for the template ... I would love to have a go at making one .... maybe in the summer when I can work outside.
    aka Cattsmom