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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring Fever-April Tag Swap

   This month's tag swap theme was "Spring Fever". It was much harder than I thought it would be to come up with a theme. There were already "April Showers", "Spring" and "Easter" swaps listed. What more is left?
Finally I came up with a theme. I bet most people think that I already know what the monthly theme will be and even that I already have my tag done. That's not true. I have to wait until all the monthly swaps are listed and then try to come up with something a little different. Usually it ends up that at the last minute I'm racing for the deadline. This month I finished my tag on the due date. All that I could say was that I was glad that I didn't have to mail it!




   I started this tag by cutting apart an envelope that I received a card or ATC swap in. I thought it was so pretty. There was no way that I would ever throw something so pretty away. I knew that I would find a way to use it one day. I folded it inside out and in half so that I could use it for the background on both sides of my tag. Then using my Silhouette cutting machine I cut out the basket. I painted the underlay light brown and then painted the top a darker brown. I often cut everything out in white card stock and then paint it later, that's what I did with this tag. I then glued it together and sat it aside. I then cut out three different flower shapes in two sizes. I painted them. When they were dry I used an embossing tool and a black foam pad to give them dimension and shape. I glued two flowers together. Then I put a drop of glue in the center of each flower and dropped micro-beads into it. I love making paper flowers. I made so many more than what I really needed. I'm sure that I will find somewhere to use them. Then I went back and cut out the leaves and the grass and painted them green. I glued them into place. I glued the flowers in place. Then I tied a tiny yellow bow and glued it to the handle.
   On the back I first cut out the cattails, the darker green grass, and the butterflies. I painted them and sat them aside. I then cut out the bunny. I painted it brown and after it dried I ran it through my sticker machine top side down. I then peeled it off the tape and pressed it top side down into brown flocking powder. Then I dropped a tiny drop of black Puffy Paint onto a non-stick pad. After it dried I picked it up using tweezers and glued in place for the bunny's eye. Then I went back and cut the front row of grass out. I painted it a lighter green. I stamped the quote onto copy paper and then cut around it with edging scissors. I first glued the quote in place, then the dark grass, the bunny, then I glued the lighter grass in place. I dropped the butterflies in last. I finished my tag by tying it with blue, pink and yellow ribbon.


 Carol Kirkland

 Kathy Scholl

Sandie Hamel

 Kathy Keller

 Lori Otto

Judy Lawson

   These were some really fabulous tags. They really did give me "Spring Fever!" This time, for the first time I held them together into a tag book, just to see how they would look together. All the different artists and techniques together made a breathtaking tag book. Now I'm really excited about this tag book. I think that it might be time to start thinking about a cover for it. Until next time. 
Take Care


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  1. Beautiful tags this month - so bright and cheerful!
    Love your basket of flowers, the catkins - so shiny! - and the kites .... will have to go fly ours up in our local hills.
    Thanks for sharing
    Christine (aka Cattsmom)