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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gate Fold ATC Album

   I have quite a nice ATC collection and no way to display them. So I decided to make an album just for my favorite ATC's. I wanted to make it capable of holding many ATC's without taking up a lot of space. I decided to make an album that would fit nicely on my coffee table. That way anytime that I wanted I could pick it up and browse through them. I decided to make a gate fold album sized for ATC's. I decided to make mine 9"x9". I cut the 9"x9" bottom of my album out of chipboard. That would allow the two sides to close together without touching each other. I know that I will as I fill it with my ATC's want to drop a few embellishments on the pages. I love embellishments. Some I might even allow to hang over the edge of the pages. To me there is no such thing as too many embellishments. If you are not into that kind of thing then cut your bottom 9"x8 1/2". I cut the two chipboard spines of my album 2"x9". For the cover I cut two pieces of chipboard 7"x9".


     This is my finished album. I guess that you can see that I go over the moon decorating. I love flowers and butterflies. I love the idea that my card stock paper pack had so many bright colors. It let me create a beautiful bouquet using only the colors of the paper in my album. I have said that I love making paper flowers. I've had some emails asking if I love making paper flowers why do I use so many artificial flowers on my albums? The answer to that is durability. Paper flowers are fragile. They tear, fold, and wear out with a lot of handling. Artificial flowers can even be left outside, you can't do that with paper flowers. After spending so much time on a project I want it to last a long time. 

After cutting my cover pieces out of chipboard, I started assembling the cover. First I started by applying Tyvex to the spline pieces.

 I applied a strip of double sided tape next to the splines after I taped them to the Tyvex pieces. It is important that you use this piece of tape in place as a spacer so that later your cover can fold. Now I was ready to start putting the cover together.

    The cover ready to assemble one side.

 The first side in place.

 Ready for the other side.

 The other side of the cover. I used a metal ruler to help keep the pieces alined.

 The inside of the cover completely assembled.

 The outside of the cover.

 Outside of cover. Ready to apply card stock.

 Apply both sides of the top cover first. Making sure that they overlap the bottom by a few inches. Cut the bottom last making sure that it doesn't overlap onto the spline pieces.

Trim the cover to about 1/2" to 3/4" outside the edge. This measurement depends on two things, how thick is your chipboard cover and your cover paper. Now is the time to remove the covering from the score tape spacers. Apply double sided tape and fold over to inside edge. Carefully flex the cover not more than 90 degrees so as not to tear the paper.

Outside of the cover.

   Now that I have the outside of my ATC album done it was time to work on finishing the inside. The first thing that I needed to do was make the accordion fold inserts to hold the pages. I started with a standard 8 1/2"x 11 1/2" size piece of card stock. Using my score board I made the first score on the 8 1?2" side at 2", then 1/2", then another 1/2", then 1/4" I repeated the 1/2",1/2",and 1/4" until I was at the end of the paper.

Accordion fold page holder.

  Then I applied score tape to the back side.

I attached them over the spline pieces of the inside cover. Now is the time to press them against the score tape strip between the cover pieces. Be careful not to tear them. Then once again carefully flex the cover making sure not to tear it.

Measure the center cover piece and cut it out. Apply score tape and put it in place. Make sure that you don't allow it to enter the crease between the cover pieces. 

Finish the other two sides the same way.

Now it was time to cut my pages out. I cut 12 pieces of card stock out each being 8 1/2"x 8 1/2". Then using my score pad I scored and folded each at 4 1 /4".

 I then removed the score tape on the back of the accordion and lined my page up and pressed it down. I then added a strip of score tape at the bottom to make a pocket. I then folded it closed against the score tape.

 This is with all the pages attached.

 Then using a circle punch I cut a notch at the top of each page pocket.

Then using one of the pieces that I had trimmed off cutting my 8 1/2" pages from 12"x12", I punched a hole at the top. I colored page reinforcers and applied one to both sides of my tag. I made one for each page pocket.

 I then decorated the outside edge of my page.

 I then attached two ATC's in their sleeves using score tape. I added a fiber tag tie.

I attached two ATC's to the front of each page and inserted the tag.

 ATC's on inside front cover.

ATC's on the bottom cover.

ATC's on the other inside front cover.

   Now that my album is done I know that if I put ATC's on both sides of the pages, the tags, and on the inside of the cover, that it will neatly hold 115 to 116 ATC's depending on how I arrange them on the inside covers. Now I will start transferring my ATC's out of their ring binder notebooks and into my beautiful new coffee table book, decorating the pages and tags as I go along. I started this album last October. I took it up to the cabin in November and never found any time to work on it. Finally after all this time I have all the pieces out of the plastic scrapbook paper storage box that I stored it in. It is a wonderful feeling to finally see it finished. This album is a spin off of an album that Kathy Orta shared in a video. I modified it for ATC's.
   I hope that you will consider making one of your own. It is extremely easy and fun to make.

Take Care


  1. Oh my goodness, how awesome is this!! I love it!

  2. What a beautiful way to show off your ATC's. That book is amazing.

  3. Thanks, ladies. This really is a fun project to do.