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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fabric ATC Swap

   It's been quite awhile since I've updated my blog. I've had some major internet and computer problems. While dealing with these my little dog Cindy had a serious health issue. Anyone that has ever loved a dog will know how something like that can tear your life apart. Thankfully she has made a full recovery. Even while all this was going on we were working on our home. Summer in Michigan is the only time that you have to do home repairs. Living on a lake makes more chores. We didn't even get our dock in until the first day of summer. Enough of that.
   I thought of just forgetting all the updates that I missed and starting fresh. I just couldn't do that. I still joined ATC swaps and received some pretty special ATC's from other artists. I feel that I need to share the art and all the work that they put into their ATC's. The first up will be "Fabric". These cards had to have fabric included in their construction. These were some really original ATC's.


   I brought this fabric a few years ago to make my little boy dog a summer shirt. I never got around to it. So when this swap was announced the first thing I thought was "Wow! I have the perfect fabric to use for that." So I pulled it out and went for it. This was another ATC that was fun and easy. I started by cutting white card stock into size. Then I thinned white glue with a little water and used a brush to apply it to generously to the card stock. I pressed the fabric onto it being careful not to leave any wrinkles in the fabric. I pressed it down and then I brushed the thinned glue over the top of the fabric. While I was waiting for the background to dry I cut out some fish from the fabric. I left some fabric around them and did the same with them as I did the background. When they were dry I cut them out. I then applied a thick coat of Ultra Thick Gloss on them. I was really pleased with the way that the fish turned out. The weave of the fabric showed through the gloss. They looked like had scales. While they were drying I used alcohol ink to stain some white fiber green to use as seaweed. I then put the card together. I finished this card off by gluing a starfish and sand dollar that I removed the shanks from in the corner.


Kathy Spitz

 Kathy Keller

Sandie Hamel

   These were such gorgeous ATC's that I'm sure that you can see now why I felt that I needed to celebrate the artists and share them with you. I really love these. I hope that maybe one day we might have another "Fabric" swap.

Take Care

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