Welcome! I started this blog because I love to craft. I dabble with scrap booking, and card making. I love bending, folding and tweaking paper. I try other crafts, too. I hope to share some projects with you.

Friday, August 15, 2014

July Tag "Celebrate America"

   Like so many others the 4th of July makes me think of all the blessings that we as Americans enjoy. So I picked  "Celebrate America" as July's theme. I asked everyone to express what America is to them and how they enjoy celebrating their freedom. It was a real pleasure to see how other artists interpreted this theme. It also showed me how different we as Americans are.


Kathy Cabble

   I started this tag by adhering a small cloth flag to white card stock using thinned white glue. I first spread it quite thick onto th e card stock using an old paint brush. Then I pressed the small flag onto it being careful not to leave any wrinkles or air bubbles. Then I appled the white glue mixture over the top of the cloth flag. I sat it aside to dry. Next I used a cutting die and cut out the Statue of Liberty. Using a punch I punched out the five stars using white glimmer paper. I glued them in place and then using foam squares I pressed my statue silhouette in place.
   Once while searching the web for images I bumped into this vintage print of "The Star Spangled Banner". I thought it was pretty so I kept it. I'm glad that I did because I thought it was perfect for my August Tag. I re-sized it and printed it. I then sat it aside while I painted the back of my tag brown and waited for it to dry. After it was dry I center it and then glued it in place. As soon as it was dry enough to work with using a glue stick and leaving globs and blobs I worked the outside edge merging onto the printed image. I then sprinkled Copper embossing powder thickly over the glue and then heat embossed it. Using a glue stick sloppily gives the embossing powder the look of molten metal. I love this look and use it often. When it was cool I turned it over an using a glue pen a drew a border around the outside edge of the flag and then used the copper to emboss it too. As a finishing touch I tied red, white, blue ribbons to the tag as the tie.

 Kathy Keller

 Barbara Hahn

Gabreille Haider

 Lori Otto

 Judy Lawson

 Sandie Hamel

Kathy Scholl

   Yes, these were some really outstanding tags. I can't see how anyone wouldn't be pleased with any tag that they received. I know that I hated to swap them out and mail them off. Thanks for dropping in.

Take Care

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Couple New ATC Swaps

   Or maybe I should say a couple old ATC Swaps. Summer is the busiest time of the year for me. There is so much more to do. Living on a lake makes for so much more work. There is putting in the dock and boat. Once the boat goes in it is a constant chore to keep it clean. There is always debris on the shoreline to be raked out.  Most of the time there is a brush pile to cut up and burn. Then there are the flower gardens to be weeded. Not to mention the constant spraying for weeds in the yard. That is only the half of it. Living in Michigan summers are spent doing home maintenance and repairs that can't be done in the winter. While I'm doing these things the housekeeping is neglected. Then I find myself struggling to catch up on that. Then on top of that my little girl doggie was quite sick for more than a month. Anyone that has ever loved a dog knows how hard it is to have a sick furbaby. How you hover over and stress over them. It is hard to get much done other than nursing them. You might think that I didn't have time to get any art done. Somehow I did manage to join a few swaps. I just didn't have time to do any blog updates. That I'm working on now. The first swap that I would like to share with you is "Windows".


   A friend gave me a package of greeting cards from Flower Soft. They are cards that you cut out and layer and then apply flower soft to certain areas of the card. Looking through those I found the perfect card to use as my Window ATC. These are standard greeting card size so I had to re-size it and then print it out. After several tries I got it right. When I'm doing something like this I set my printer to black and white until I get it right. Then I print it out in color. I cut them out. There four layers counting the base. I applied Glossy Accents to the windows so that they would look more like glass. While I was waiting for the Glossy Accents to dry I matched paint to the color of the curtains and painted white card stock to be the wall the window was in. While that dried I put foam squares on the pieces and assembled the window. Then I applied Flower Soft to the flowers seen through the open window.  I centered the window on the painted card stock and glued it into place.


 Sandie Hamel

Shirley Johnson

Kathy Keller

   The next swaps theme was "Lighthouses". I was hoping that one day there would be a lighthouse swap. I had three cancelled lighthouse stamps that I had saved. they were far to pretty to throw away.


   I often saved cancelled stamps. So many are little works of art. I especially like them when the canceled stamp is straight across the stamp or miss it almost completely. This ATC is a collage of cancelled stamps. I cut an ATC size piece of white card stock. Then I applied glue using a glue stick to the back of each stamp and pressed them in place. I am sloppy with the glue stick letting the glue ooze out around the edges of the stamp. Then I sprinkled it with silver embossing powder and applied heat to set it. I love the molten metal look that I get with this technique. Then I applied blue glitter around the edge of the lighthouse stamp and using foam squares I put it in place.


Kathy Spitz

 Donna Staton

Connie Johnson

   I hope that you enjoyed seeing these ATC's as much as I enjoyed receiving them. Swapping ATC's is so much fun. It's like that saying "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get." The one thing that you can be sure of is that you're going to love them.

Take Care