Welcome! I started this blog because I love to craft. I dabble with scrap booking, and card making. I love bending, folding and tweaking paper. I try other crafts, too. I hope to share some projects with you.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fairy ATC Swap

   One of my favorite things are fairies. Some say that they don't exist. I'm undecided. I can remember sitting for hours in a tree stand and thinking that just as twilight descended that I had seen an Oak fairy flit by. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks with me...maybe not. A few years ago a friend sent me a picture that she had captured in Yosemite. It was just exactly what I had seen that mid October evening. Maybe only those that truly believe can see fairies. Maybe glimpses leave a person always wondering but never knowing what they truly have seen. I am sure that they are masters of deception. They hide in plain sight.


As photographed by Carol Loeb

   Carol attended school with Ansel Adam's daughter and took classes at his photo studio at Yosemite, in all seasons. She caught this shot in the spring standing at the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls. I am sure that she caught this picture just as an Oak Fairy was changing into a clump of oak leaves to hide her presence. 


   This was a very hard ATC to make. I often use photo editing programs to make my cards. This is two images altered. The first being the background photo, which is the flower. I used clear Wink Of Stella to add the sparkle to the blue flower. I then found a fairy that seemed to compliment the blue flower. I tweeked the color a bit and re-sized her. Then I printed her out. I trimmed her out and then used Glossy Accents on her wings to make them look translucent. I mounted her at an angle using stacked foam squares at her head while I glued her feet directly to the center of the flower. Mounting her this way seemed like it made her appear to be sitting in the center of the flower. I applied double sided tape to the outside edge and then pressed it into blue glitter. I mentioned that it was very hard to make...it wasn't the ATC itself it was the problems that I had with my printer. My printer and computer would not talk to each other. I struggled for days squeezing these prints out. I still haven't gotten my computer and printer to talk to each other!


Marna Bennett

 Teresa Hoffman

Donna "DeJa" Staton

   I can't thank these artists enough. I just love all of my new fairies. They are a welcome addition to my collection. 

Take Care

Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Clay Fairy Twins

   A few weeks ago I shared a picture of some fairies that I was making from oven bake clay. These are made from a mold. If you have ever make ceramic figures before making figurines from clay is nothing like it. It's not at all like cleaning seams and then having it fired before painting it. That being said I hope that you'll forgive my little gargoyle looking fairies. I've grown to accept them for what they are and have even become quite fond of them.

 This is my fairy twins shortly after they came out of the oven.

These are my twins after they were painted. Those little features were really hard to paint. I gave them blue eyes at first only to realize that it made them look spooky. So I changed them to dark green. I am making their wigs out of HomeSpun yarn. Her hair is really long. I might cut it shorter or not. I just don't know yet.

After allowing the pieces to dry I trimmed off the excess glue. Then starting at the base of the head I started gluing each piece in place. Funny how long it took to make their hair. I do think that it was worth the time that I invested in it. I'm quite happy the way their hair turned out.

   Now I have to start thinking about what am I going to do about giving them wings. I haven't decided yet how to make their wings. I will put them aside until I figure it out. Oh my, there is still so much left to do. They will need little dresses, too
   I will from time to time share my progress with you. Stay tuned there is more yet to come!!!

Take Care

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Shades Of Green ATC Swap

   The thing that I love the most about making ATC's is the fun and creative themes that our hostesses come up with. I wish that I had time to do all of the swaps. That is only wishful thinking. I have other things that call for my time. Some are of art and craft projects and some are responsibilities. After all I am an adult and can't just sit all day and make these little art treasures called ATC's. I just had to do "Shades Of Green" after the hostess made the suggestion of dragging out the box of paper scraps that we all have, and using up some of those. Well, I have a BIG box of paper scraps.


   The background is a collage made from scrapbook paper. I attached the scraps using a glue stick. I pressed the glue out from beneath the paper. Then it was sprinkled with green glittered embossing powder, and heat embossed. I enlarged the image of a non slip bathtub sticker and cut it out. I applied Glossy Accents to the frog to make him appear wet and slippery. I painted green eyelids on the google eyes and pushed them into the Glossy Accents. Then I cut out the words "Be Hoppy" using my die cutting machine.


??? I can't read the signature

 Judy Lawson

Teresa Hoffman

   This was really a fun swap to do. Even though it was called "Shades Of Green" there was so much freedom to go where the theme took you. It took me to frogs. Just look where it took the other artists. I was happy to see it brought fairies to someone's mind. I love fairies.

Take Care