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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fairy Wings

   I have been sharing my Fairy Twins as I am making them. I finally have my first set of wings made. I am so happy. They couldn't have turned out any better. They are just what I wanted.

  I found on the internet some pictures of butterfly wings that I thought would be just right for my little fairies. Using my printer I made them the size that I needed and made a copy of them. I taped a printable computer transparency over the top of them and then using a Gel Pen I traced over them. I then filled the spaces on the wings with Diamond Glaze. When it was dry I turned them over and did the back side the same way. This gives them some dimension. I think that they are truly fragile and beautiful looking. 

   Soon I will make some wings for her twin sister. The reason that I haven't already made them is that I haven't decided on the color yet. When I finish them I will share them with you, too.
   Looks like now I have to start looking ahead to designing their little dresses.

Take Care

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