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Monday, June 15, 2015

Punch Art Atc Swap

   I recently hosted a swap for the ATC group that I belong to. I challenged everyone to get out their paper punches and see what they could create. When the cards started arriving they were beautiful, but I knew right away that most had not understood what I wanted. I wanted them using a punch that they had to make something different from it. I really goofed this time. I know that it's my fault. I should have explained myself better. Next time I will do better. None the less I really received some beautiful ATC'c.


   This was really a fun card for me to make. I enjoyed every minute of making these. I was playing like a kid again. Anytime that I can do that is a good time for me. I dragged out old tools that I had put away long ago. After getting a die cutting machine they seemed so old school and primitive. Using Fiskar templates I used the edges and tore paper to make the water and the grass. Starting from the top I glued one layer over the other, and then using glitter pens I traced around the edge so that they would stand out more. Then using a heart punch I cut out five hearts and layered them to make the body of the swan. Then I punched out the head and neck using a swirl punch. I folded the swirl to create the neck and then I cut out the head from the paper that the neck had been cut from. If you look closely you can see the part of the swirl that I used for the head,  I drew a line showing where the head was cut from. Then using colored markers I drew the bill and the eye. Really this was a fun swap for me. Maybe one day I will have another Punch Art Swap. The next time I will explain myself better. I promise


Lucie Horowitz

Kathy Scholl

 Jan Caldwell

 Elinor Stecker-Orel

Marsha Donica

 Denise Anderson

Patsy Childress

Judy Lawson

Kathleen Spitz

   I told you that these were some really beautiful cards. Not quite what I was asking for but there's not one ATC here that I don't want for my collection. Sadly I can only keep three. Really this was a fun swap for me. Maybe one day I will have another Punch Art swap. The next time I will explain myself better. I promise. 

Take Care

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