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Monday, July 20, 2015

Corrugated Paper ATC Swap

    Things come and go. Once upon a time everyone was using corrugated paper or cardboard in their cards, scrapbook pages, and ATC's. They even sold a tool to crimp paper to make your own corrugated paper(I never brought one of those). It was good that someone came up with the theme "Corrugated Paper". It has been so long since I made anything with corrugated paper so I signed up. This was going to be fun!


   I selected a double sided paper for this card. I started by cutting the pieces larger than I would need for my ATC. Then using my scoring board and scoring tool I carefully scored the paper at 1/8 intervals. Then I clipped the corners from some scrap pieces and glued them onto two corners of lightweight cardboard. Then I trimmed to size and glued my piece of homemade corrugated paper over the top and gently pulled the corners back to show the matching paper beneath. Next came the fun part. I sat and carefully peeled the top layer of a piece of corrugated cardboard off revealing the ripples beneath. Then I watered down white acrylic paint making a kind of whitewash. I painted on a couple of coats before getting the look that I wanted. I glued it in the center and then glued down the turned corners over it. I punched out a circle and glued it down. Then using a pink paper flower that I colored the center beads with copper accents, I centered it in the center of the punched circle. I made a small bow out of raffia and put a drop of walnut Stickles in the center. This was a lot of fun to make. Sometimes I really enjoy making a mess while playing with my projects.


 Karen Rule

 Kathy Keller

 Patsy Childress

   These cards are all so unique that I wish that I could have seen all the ATC's that were sent in to the hostess of this swap. I would have loved to have seen all those ideas. This was fun and I thank the hostess and all the players for these wonderful cards for my collection.

Take Care

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