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Friday, July 24, 2015

Paper Napkin ATC Swap

   A while ago I signed up for a swap called Paper Napkins. We were to use a napkin on our ATCs somehow, whether it was an accent, trim or background. I really wanted to join this swap but I didn't have any paper napkins that I could use. I had Halloween and Leaves. I was so happy that two friends sent some paper napkins to me. What a lovely selection to choose from.


   I decided to use a napkin with violets on. I later found out that it had came from Germany. It was beautiful but frail. I started by covering a piece of white cardstock with a mixture of white glue and water. I then tried to press the napkin onto it. It started falling to pieces in my hands. I worked really hard to just press the flowers and edge trim onto the card stock. The only way that I could still use these beautiful violets was to trim around them. Not exactly what I had planned. I wanted to use the napkin as a background and then trim the violets and layer them on top of the background violets. Now I had to create a background for my lovely violets. I found some purple card stock and brushed a layer of Extreme Glitter over it. Then I painted the edge of a paper doily with glitter glue and placed it on the left outside edge. Then I went back to the napkin scraps and cut out the printed border. I used a decorative edge punch on it and then glued it against the left edge part way over the paper doily. Then I trimmed the violets and ran them through my sticker maker and placed them onto my card. I finished them off by tying a tiny white bow and gluing it onto the stems of the violets.
I added a rhinestone on a petal as a dew drop.


Jan Gray

Lucie Horowitz

Kathy Rohn

   I am so grateful to the two friends that sent me paper napkins so that I could play in this swap. I am sure that you can see how great these cards are. It would have been a shame to have missed it. Thanks to everyone, the hostess (that sent napkins to me), the good friend (that also sent napkins to me) and to those whose art I received.

Take Care

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