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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Gone Fishing Scrapbook Page

   Once again I have a double scrapbook page to share with you. These pages feature my granddaughter fishing. Some of our best times together were those spent fishing, whether we were on the boat or fishing off the dock fun just had a way of happening. I really wish that I had taken the time to take more photos. Believe it or not I had a hard time finding enough pictures to do this double page spread.


Left Side

Right Side

   For these pages I started with scrapbook paper with fishing tackle print for the background. I then used Fiskar Edge templates for the torn edge that I used for the water. I used my finger tip to darken the edge with dark blue ink. I layered one over the other. Then I put them at the bottom edge of the scrapbook paper background. I attached only the bottom and the sides with glue leaving the top open so that I could tuck the die cuts and pictures into them. Next I picked the pictures that I would use. I cropped them to size and laid them into place. Then I used my die cutting machine to cut out the page embellishments. I assembled them and laid them into place. After I was sure that I was happy with the way it all came together I used double sided tape and taped everything down. That last thing that I did was put the title "Hooked On Fishing" at the bottom of the pages XXXXX
   I had this page planned for a long time...in my mind. That was the easy part. Making it happen was a different story. While I was working on this page I spent hours searching through an old Dell desktop, an old Dell laptop and a HP desktop. I had more than 19,000 pictures on these computers. That was why I was so surprised to find that I had so few fishing pictures, especially since we spent so much time fishing. I guess that it's hard to fish and take pictures at the same time. I think that I told our fishing story quite well with the pictures that I had. While working on this page my printer died. That was a tragedy. My old printer just worked. I never had to do much more than send my pictures to it and sit back and wait. My new printer has far fewer print options and they are not as easy to access. There is going to be a learning curve. I hate learning curves especially since they take up valuable time. Geez, and I'm getting too old to have to keep learning new things.
   I hope that you enjoy this double page spread as much as I do. After I got all the bugs worked out it was fun.

Take Care

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