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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Circus Scrapbook Page

   Once again I have a double scrapbook page to share with you. It seems that it takes so long for me to finish anything lately. Maybe it's because that it takes long enough to do anything the first time, the last two sets of pages that I've done has been more problems than any ever before. The Gone Fishing pages began falling apart before I could even get them into the scrapbook album. The double sided tape even though it was supposed to be permanent didn't hold. Things started falling off like autumn leaves. So I had to carefully lift corners of things and carefully apply glue with a toothpick and then hold them in place until they dried. Then I moved on to doing my circus pages. Before even starting I sat for two days gluing clear beads into the center of gold sequins to make little lights for my frames. Then as I started putting them onto the pages the little beads started falling off the sequins. I ended up re-gluing every single bead with Diamond Glaze. There were 132 tiny little lights. That was a real bummer. Enough said here are my scrapbook pages.


Left Side

Right Side
   I started this page with some really different scrapbook paper. I am so picky about my background paper. I really don't know why but I love paper. Even though most times not much of the paper even shows, the right paper inspires me. I cut out the frames using my cutting machine. Often that takes a lot of time the frames need to fit the pictures and the pictures need to fit the frames. There is a lot of re-sizing both the frames and the pictures to finally bring them together. I already told you the problems that I had with the sequin and bead lights. Then I made the center frame larger and photographed the original newspaper ad for the circus. I had saved the paper for years. Then I assembled them. This time I glued them onto the pages but now I had to weight the pages down to get out the warping caused by the glue. While they were straightening out I made the little pendant banners. Then I altered the dog on the ball by adding a pompom on the hat, and the ticket stubs. I made the balloons for the clown using a balloon punch and Glossy Accents and added a pompom to the hat. Please excuse the shadows from the pompoms. I photograph my pages in front of a window. Shadows sometimes happen.
I hope that you enjoyed this page spread and enjoyed sharing my trials and tribulations with me.

Take Care

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