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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Skiing Scrapbook Page

   This has got to be one of my favorite scrapbook page spreads. My granddaughter was spending some time with me. One day she tried cross country skiing on the frozen lake. It was her first time on skis. Later that day together we made this scrapbook page spread. She helped put it together and we had a great time reliving the events of the day as we worked together on these pages.


 Left Page

Right Page

   We went to Michael's to get some scrapbook paper for the background. Of course they didn't have any winter paper or even Christmas paper without buying a themed stack. I really hate those. You get maybe two sheets of paper that you might want and the rest is so ugly that you can use it to wrap fish in. Just my personal opinion but I hate someone to decide for me what I want. So we went home and made our background paper from dark blue card stock. We stamped snowflakes on it and used heat set embossing powder to make our snowflakes. It was really fun because Lauren learned how to do embossing. The snowflakes were made using a couple of paper punches. These pages really sparkle. The snowflakes and the picture frames are made from white and silver glitter paper as well as the background paper having glittery snowflakes stamped on it. These pages always make me smile. I hope that they make you smile too.

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