Welcome! I started this blog because I love to craft. I dabble with scrap booking, and card making. I love bending, folding and tweaking paper. I try other crafts, too. I hope to share some projects with you.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Leaves ATC Swap

   I joined this swap and received my returns a few weeks ago. In 2012 I somehow inherited a Yahoo group called "ATC World" when the acting moderator left the group leaving me in charge. I spend countless hours and emails working with members to organize swaps and then get the swaps into the database. Sadly this severely cuts into the time I get to spend creating art. I am happy to finally find a few spare minutes to finally share "Leaves" with you.


Kathy Cabble

   I started this card by cutting four ascending pieces of white card stock. The first I edged with brown paint and brushed a thin coat of glitter paint over the top of the brown. For the next 3 layers I used an ink pad to gradually increase the intensity of the color on the edges. I then mounted them with removable tape one on top of the other. I then stamped them randomly with a new set of rubber stamps that I received with a magazine. Next I separated them and then once again layered them with foam squares one on top of the other. Then using the matching die cut that I also received I cut out the oak leaf. I then stamped it and embossed it with copper heat set embossing powder. I then mounted it on top of my ATC.
 Jennifer Ingalls

 Sharon Bakke

Elinor Stecker-Orel
   I enjoyed this swap and I especially enjoyed the creative cards that I received. 
Take Care

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Jelly Fish ATC Swap

   I know that it's been some time since I updated my blog. I'm so sorry. Sometimes life gets in the way. I entered and received my returns for this swap quite some time ago. Still I want to share this swap with you.


   This card was started by cutting the background from a pop carton that had little bubbles on. I then painted a light coat of blue acrylics over it letting the little bubbles show through. Then I used blue and
green Angelina fibers to overlay the blue paint. I drew a jellyfish on a non-stick craft mat and then filled the drawing with white glue. When it dried I peeled it off and glued it on my card. I colored white eyelash yarn green and ran it through white glue to make the seaweeds.


Kathy Scholl

Ann Jensen

Celeste Bernardin

      What a great swap and what great cards! Thanks for viewing.

Take Care

Monday, June 6, 2016

The Kids Got Married






   After years of living together they finally tied the knot. I've had these little outfits for 8-10 years. Saturday was the day. It was a fun time. It was just us time. Skeeter never similes but Cindy always has a smile on her face. The one with the biggest smile on Skeeter's face Cindy's face didn't show. Wouldn't you just know it? I couldn't believe that he smiled for these pictures.

Take Care

Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer Is ATC's

I am hosting another ATC swap. Well, actually two. This is the first one. It's called "Summer Is". I love to host swaps. It gives me the opportunity to see so many cards and techniques all at the same time. I'm always looking for new learning experiences. These are the cards that I made for it.

    For this card I tore scrapbook paper for the water and glued it onto white card stock. I then applied glue to the remainder of the card and then sprinkled it with sand. After that was dry I applied Glossy Accents over the water paper to give it the shine of water. While it was drying I folded brown paper and glued each fold down to create the trunk of the palm tree. I tied a piece of white string around the tree trunk and glued them in place. I then hand cut a few palm leaves and glued them in place. For the finishing touch I glued plastic swimsuits on the line.

   This card was made by altering and re-sizing a picture. I mounted it on top of blue card stock. All of the blooms in the picture were then covered with Flower Soft. It's a great product. If you haven't used it yet you should try it. It really brings details of flowers to life.

   For this card I painted white card stock with acrylics in two shades of turquoise, one solid color and one pearlized. I then used a cutting file from Silhouette for the little boy and his dog fishing. I pounced the edge with a gold stamp pad. I then used glossy Hodge Podge to stick it in place. I followed it up with another coat to seal it.

Take Care

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

School Years Scrapbook Spread

   This double page spread was a bit harder than I thought it would be. I wanted to highlight my granddaughter's last years of school. I started out with the school scrapbook paper background and then wandered from there.


 Left Page

Right Page
    I printed and cropped the photos. That was the easy part. I pulled out yellow, red, green, and purple card stock for the photo mats. I layered all combinations of these colors as photo mats. Nothing worked! Then while laying in bed stressing over what to do now, a brilliant idea came into my head. "What about a plaid?" The minute that I thought plaid I remembered a plaid scrapbook paper that I had brought about ten years ago. I jumped up and went down to my studio and found it. I couldn't believe it. It even was purple where I had thought it had been blue. All the colors matched perfectly! I went back to bed. Now I could sleep. The next day I got a fresh start. Using my die cutting machine I made the photo frames. I mean I made the photo frames, I didn't use a ready made cutting file. It took quite awhile to work things out right. Then I cut the plaid frames out and placed them onto the page. They disappeared on the page. The colors were such a perfect match that the frames didn't stand out like I had hoped for. Worst yet the photos blended into the plaid photo mats. So it was back to my cutting machine to work out the white inside and outside edge. Now I was happy with the look. The frames popped from the page and the photos popped from the frames. I assembled the photo mats and photos and attached them in place. I used a cutting file to cut the year titles. It started 7th grade so I duplicated the 9th grade and then disassembled one of the cutting files and cut the 9 and turned it upside down to make the 6th grade title. After all of that it still didn't seem finished. I thought about making apples with worms like on the paper but that would mean having them placed by the apple and worm that was already on the background paper. Then I thought "Why not an owl?" so I decided that I would make owls. The next day found me at the Dollar Store to grab a few items. While I was there I thought that I would look around a little. So I did and I couldn't believe what I found. A page of embellishments for school with an owl already made. It was even the right size. Wow! I brought two packages and took them home. On white card stock I traced around the owl and then cut outside the tracing lines creating the white edge. Then I done the same with the globe. I put the owls and globe in place. Then I put a book on one owl and a diploma on the other owl. All of these were included in the package. What a Dollar Store find!
   Another page spread down and more yet to go. Well, my celebration is over, now back to work.

Take Care

Friday, May 27, 2016

Rubber Stamp-N-Sticker ATC Swap

   I joined a swap called Rubber Stamp and Sticker. Both were to be used on the card that you made. I thought it would be good to use a rubber stamp once again, and stickers...I have a ton of those. So I jumped in.


   I started with a plain white card stock background. I first heat embossed with white embossing powder the tulip and leaves. Then using a toner pen I wrote "Be Happy". I placed a piece of gold foil over it and then ran it through a laminator. This was a new experience for be because I had never done either process before. Then using chalk I lightly colored the background light blue. I then chalked the tulip and leaves. Then using an ink pad I colored the outside edges. In finishing I placed a butterfly sticker hovering above the tulip. It was fun making this card because I got to experiment with processes that I had never used before. I think that my experiment worked out just fine. Everything worked out the way I had hoped. 

 Joan Melton

 Dar Bassie-Cripps

Kathy Rohm

   I think the cards that I received show that the others enjoyed this swap as much as I did. I hope that you enjoyed seeing them as much as I did.

Take Care

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Unique New York Scrapbook Spread

   I think that this may be a one of a kind page spread. My granddaughter went to New York on a class field trip in 2014. She returned with 254 pictures. I asked her to choose the pictures that she most wanted to see in her scrapbook. She reduced the number to 100. OMG! How can I ever get that many pictures in one scrapbook double page spread? What a challenge. I wasn't sure that I was up to it. This is what I came up with.

Double Spread

Double Page Spread


Left Page

Right Page

   While I was in NC. visiting a friend we learned to do foiling using a laminator. We also made a template using a cutting file and expanding it to 12"12". We cut it in four pieces. When I got home I taped the template together and traced it onto the back of glitter paper. Then I used a craft knife to cut out the picture openings. Since the black glitter had white paper on the back once I cut the openings, the white showed on the edges of the openings. I used a permanent marker to make them black. She had a printer that used toner so we printed and foiled the Statue Of Liberty that is in the left upper corner of the left page. Once again using my craft knife I cut it out and used the marker to color the edges black. Then it was time to crop and print the photos. I went between two photo editing and printing software programs to get the images the size I needed to fit my openings. I then attached them on the back using tape. The pictures didn't pop like I wanted them to, so using a ribbon punch I punched pieces of the silver foil and assembled two pieces in each corner making mock photo corner mounts. 
   I reversed the template to make the right page. I used a cutting file that I made to make the lettering in the right lower corner. It was cut from toner paper and then foiled. The New York charm was printed on shrink film. I cut it out and then using my oven I shrank it down making the charm. Then I ran a piece of tin foil through my sticker maker and applied to the back of the charm making the clear areas silver. 

Revealing Opening Side Page

   The charm is used to open the right page revealing the hidden pictures. I made this page that opens by welding two 12"x12" together using my Fuse Tool. This is a great tool to have and to use. To make this page I carefully slit the outside edge of a scrapbook sleeve. Then using another scrapbook sleeve I trimmed off the edge that is used to put a scrapbook page in a book leaving a half inch edge. I notched the bottom and inserted it into the outside edge of the sleeve that I had slit the outside edge of. Then I carefully used the Fuse tool to join the top side of the outside edge together. Then I turned the joined pages over and once again ran the Fuse tool over the outside edge of the joined pages sealing the edges together.

Left Interior Page

Right Interior Page

   Now I needed two more pieces of glitter scrapbook paper. I could not find any so I made two sheets myself. I used spray adhesive on two pieces of black scrapbook paper and then sprinkled black glitter onto them. After drying I found that a lot of the glitter fell off so I repeated the process. Once again the glitter fell off. I then went to Michael's and brought a spray glitter sealer. This solved the problem of the falling off glitter. I used silver photo corners and double sided tape to mount the photos. They fell off! So I put a drop of gel glue on the corners and the center of each photo and pressed them down by placing a weight on each page. When I removed the weight and held each page up once again the photos began to fall off. So once again I had to remount each photo. This time I used Glitter Glue and they stayed on to the page. 
   This unique page spread was a real learning experience for me. I learned how to use silver foil using a laminator. I learned how to make a template using my die cutting machine. I learned how to use two new photo software programs. I learned how to use my new Fuse tool to make custom page sleeves. I learned how to make glitter paper and make the glitter stay on without falling off. Last but not least I learned which adhesive to use when mounting pictures onto glitter paper. I also learned how to make an unique scrapbook page that displays 64 photos. I didn't use all 100 photos but I did include the photos that my granddaughter most wanted. She loves this page. Thank God because it was a lot of work to create. 

Take Care


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Baseball Game Scrapbook Page

I try not to fall into a rut while working on scrapbook pages. I have been working on a page since the end of February. It has been a real challenge so there are times that I just had to walk away. Not too far away, I was still working on my granddaughter's scrapbook just a different two page spread. I try to keep the pages interesting by trying something a little different on each spread. I also made and joined a couple ATC swaps.


Left Page

Right Page

   Does this ever look like fun? Well it was fun making this two page spread. Since my printer can only make 8"X11" prints I made the large photo in two parts and then cut them into strips and mounted them to the baseball scrapbook paper. I love a challenge. I've been told that it keeps your mind young. I have my doubts, seems I'm turning into an absent minded old woman anyways. Then I double mounted my granddaughter's picture using the "Tiger's" team colors and dropped it into the bottom right corner.
   For the right page I printed photos in two sizes and double matted them and mounted them in place. The real challenge here was to make the layout more than photos placed into even but boring rolls. This took some time. Before printing a lot of pictures that wouldn't work I made a 12"X12" re-useable  template. That allowed me to cut scraps of paper into different sizes and move them around until I was satisfied with the way they looked on the page. Then I made the photos and printed my pictures. Then I placed them onto my page. This scrapbook paper was so interesting that I wanted to make sure that I enough background paper showed adding to the focal impact. Using my die cutting machine I made the cut out baseball trim and the date. It was finished and it was fun. Now it's time to make some ATC's before getting back to what is becoming my taking forever scrapbook spread.

Thanks for visiting.
Take Care

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Game of Thrones ATC Swap

   I am a big fan of Game Of Thrones. I played the social game long before I ever saw the popular HBO program. A few years ago my granddaughter showed up wearing a dragon necklace. I was in love. I tried casting it with my homemade molding compound. It wasn't flat enough and no matter how many times I tried I couldn't make a mold of it. Then last year I found out about this great inexpensive molding compound called Compi-Mold. What is so great about this product is that you can reuse it again and again. That really makes it a great value. Once you have all the castings that you want you just put it back into the original container. The next time that you use it you just remelt it and pour it over the next thing that you cast. Great stuff! I can't say enough good things about it.

Dragon Necklace
(My Granddaughter's)


My Composi-Mold Mold

My Finished Dragon

My Finished ATC

The ATC's I received

Celeste Bernardin

Ceil Hook

   Following the simple directions on my container of Composi-Mold, I first made my mold. Then using air dry clay I made my dragons. Then using acrylic paint I painted them black. After they were dry I dry brushed them with gold acrylic paint. While they were drying I made the card that they would be mounted on. I found a picture of a map of Game Of Thrones and resized it and printed it. I tore the outside edges and then I inked the edge to make it look aged. I mounted it on brown card stock. I attached the dragon with double sided tape so that if the person that received my ATC wanted to they could easily remove it, and glue the pin back that I enclosed in each ATC sleeve to it.
   I just couldn't help myself. Once upon a time I would get so excited waiting for those lumpy, bumpy envelopes with my swap returns to come in the mail. Then everyone got so uptight over postage going up that gone was the lace, the ribbons and bows, gone were the rhinestones and pearls, gone were the charms, the paper flowers, and the handmade embellishments. Gone were all the sparkly little treasures that brought me so much joy both to give and receive. Gone are the days that these little artist trading cards were truly little gifts from the heart, I really hope that these little dragons stir a memory of bygone days when dragons ruled and ATC's were tiny treasures.

Take Care

Monday, March 21, 2016

School Days Scrapbook Page

   This brought back so many memories. It was like a walk down memory lane. It's both surprising and sad how quickly time flies. I still remember driving all the way out to my daughter's house to see little Lauren get off the bus after her first day of school. Now in a few weeks she will be graduating. Now I am really wondering where the time went.


Double Page

 Left Page

Right Page

   I used my die cutting machine to make this complete page.  The lettering above the bus was made using the cutouts from the windows. The tags under the windows was made using my die cutting machine and a pen holder in place of the cutting blade. I am so glad that that my cutting machine can do that because I am less than proud of my handwriting. I used her school pictures in the windows. Thanks for dropping in.

Take Care

Saturday, March 19, 2016

People Of Winter ATC Swap

We have a ongoing swap at this time that I have been joining when ever I have the time. Lately it hasn't been easy. I have been working on a scrapbook for my granddaughter to display at her high school graduation open house. Just like so many things I have really fallen behind on the scrapbook. I love these "People Of" swaps and it really hurts to miss any of them.

 (maybe it was people of the snow)

   I glittered the edge of a piece of white card stock and put it aside to dry. Then I found this enchanting image online. I printed it twice for each card. Then I cut out parts of the picture and layered them making the image appear 3-D. I used Wink of Stella on the embroidery on their robes. I then used a snow writer to make the snow at their feet dimensional. After it was dry I lightly brushed the snow with glitter.


 Kathy Scholl

 Jeanne McCarthy

Kathy Rohm

   I hope that you enjoy seein these ATC's as much as I did. Thanks for dropping by.

Take Care

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Paul Klee Inspired Swap

This ATC swap was supposed to be done on your impression of "Paul Klee". Never heard of him? Me either so I Googled him. I didn't understand his kind of art. It seemed to me that anything goes so I jumped into this swap. I thought that it would be easy. It wasn't! I really didn't care for his kind of art. It was so hard for me to create watercolor and ink paintings that I myself didn't even like. These are what I ended up with. Yes, I know that they're horrid.


 Goldie Startled

Tormented Mind

Petal Dance

   I know that I usually blog the ATC's that I received in each swap. This time I decided not to wait until I received my returns. The hostess of this swap is posting the ATC's of each player in an album in ATC World. I like to be the first to show my ATC's on my own blog before they are displayed.somewhere else. I will update this blog when I receive my returns. Trust me I am not unhappy about the hostess showing the cards, in fact I'm over the moon happy. Every time that I enter a swap I always wish that I could see the other players cards. This is really a dream come true especially since I am so sure that I really missed the mark with this theme. The first was Goldie Startled. The second try was Petal Dance. The third was Tormented Mind. I hoped each try that I would get closer. If this was baseball I would be out! I can hardly wait to see the pictures of what the other players came up with.

   I promised that I would blog the ATC's that I received in this swap. Here they are.

The ATC's That I Received

 Jeri Hundertmark

 Jan Caldwell

Holly Fox

   I guess now that you can see how much I really missed the mark. Oh well. At least I did try.

Take Care

Monday, February 15, 2016

Soccer Star Scrapbook Spread

   This page was a wee bit hard for me to do. I didn't take enough pictures. Can you imagine me not taking enough pictures? I only had three pictures of my granddaughter to work with. It was such a sticker for me that I sat it aside and done the Halloween spread while I let my unconscious mind work on it. It turned out so much better than I ever thought that it would.


 Left Page

Right Page

  The background paper is an all over soccer ball print. Her school colors are of course orange and black so I used those colors for the frames and page details. All the stars were cut from either gold foil or gold holistic paper. I took a picture of her trophy enlarged it and then cut it out. Then I traced it on to black craft foam and cut it out and glued it on top of the foam. I hope that you like this page. I'm glad that it's done. I really got tired of cutting out stars and gluing them in place. It took forever! 

Take Care