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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Paul Klee Inspired Swap

This ATC swap was supposed to be done on your impression of "Paul Klee". Never heard of him? Me either so I Googled him. I didn't understand his kind of art. It seemed to me that anything goes so I jumped into this swap. I thought that it would be easy. It wasn't! I really didn't care for his kind of art. It was so hard for me to create watercolor and ink paintings that I myself didn't even like. These are what I ended up with. Yes, I know that they're horrid.


 Goldie Startled

Tormented Mind

Petal Dance

   I know that I usually blog the ATC's that I received in each swap. This time I decided not to wait until I received my returns. The hostess of this swap is posting the ATC's of each player in an album in ATC World. I like to be the first to show my ATC's on my own blog before they are displayed.somewhere else. I will update this blog when I receive my returns. Trust me I am not unhappy about the hostess showing the cards, in fact I'm over the moon happy. Every time that I enter a swap I always wish that I could see the other players cards. This is really a dream come true especially since I am so sure that I really missed the mark with this theme. The first was Goldie Startled. The second try was Petal Dance. The third was Tormented Mind. I hoped each try that I would get closer. If this was baseball I would be out! I can hardly wait to see the pictures of what the other players came up with.

   I promised that I would blog the ATC's that I received in this swap. Here they are.

The ATC's That I Received

 Jeri Hundertmark

 Jan Caldwell

Holly Fox

   I guess now that you can see how much I really missed the mark. Oh well. At least I did try.

Take Care

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