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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Game of Thrones ATC Swap

   I am a big fan of Game Of Thrones. I played the social game long before I ever saw the popular HBO program. A few years ago my granddaughter showed up wearing a dragon necklace. I was in love. I tried casting it with my homemade molding compound. It wasn't flat enough and no matter how many times I tried I couldn't make a mold of it. Then last year I found out about this great inexpensive molding compound called Compi-Mold. What is so great about this product is that you can reuse it again and again. That really makes it a great value. Once you have all the castings that you want you just put it back into the original container. The next time that you use it you just remelt it and pour it over the next thing that you cast. Great stuff! I can't say enough good things about it.

Dragon Necklace
(My Granddaughter's)


My Composi-Mold Mold

My Finished Dragon

My Finished ATC

The ATC's I received

Celeste Bernardin

Ceil Hook

   Following the simple directions on my container of Composi-Mold, I first made my mold. Then using air dry clay I made my dragons. Then using acrylic paint I painted them black. After they were dry I dry brushed them with gold acrylic paint. While they were drying I made the card that they would be mounted on. I found a picture of a map of Game Of Thrones and resized it and printed it. I tore the outside edges and then I inked the edge to make it look aged. I mounted it on brown card stock. I attached the dragon with double sided tape so that if the person that received my ATC wanted to they could easily remove it, and glue the pin back that I enclosed in each ATC sleeve to it.
   I just couldn't help myself. Once upon a time I would get so excited waiting for those lumpy, bumpy envelopes with my swap returns to come in the mail. Then everyone got so uptight over postage going up that gone was the lace, the ribbons and bows, gone were the rhinestones and pearls, gone were the charms, the paper flowers, and the handmade embellishments. Gone were all the sparkly little treasures that brought me so much joy both to give and receive. Gone are the days that these little artist trading cards were truly little gifts from the heart, I really hope that these little dragons stir a memory of bygone days when dragons ruled and ATC's were tiny treasures.

Take Care

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