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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Unique New York Scrapbook Spread

   I think that this may be a one of a kind page spread. My granddaughter went to New York on a class field trip in 2014. She returned with 254 pictures. I asked her to choose the pictures that she most wanted to see in her scrapbook. She reduced the number to 100. OMG! How can I ever get that many pictures in one scrapbook double page spread? What a challenge. I wasn't sure that I was up to it. This is what I came up with.

Double Spread

Double Page Spread


Left Page

Right Page

   While I was in NC. visiting a friend we learned to do foiling using a laminator. We also made a template using a cutting file and expanding it to 12"12". We cut it in four pieces. When I got home I taped the template together and traced it onto the back of glitter paper. Then I used a craft knife to cut out the picture openings. Since the black glitter had white paper on the back once I cut the openings, the white showed on the edges of the openings. I used a permanent marker to make them black. She had a printer that used toner so we printed and foiled the Statue Of Liberty that is in the left upper corner of the left page. Once again using my craft knife I cut it out and used the marker to color the edges black. Then it was time to crop and print the photos. I went between two photo editing and printing software programs to get the images the size I needed to fit my openings. I then attached them on the back using tape. The pictures didn't pop like I wanted them to, so using a ribbon punch I punched pieces of the silver foil and assembled two pieces in each corner making mock photo corner mounts. 
   I reversed the template to make the right page. I used a cutting file that I made to make the lettering in the right lower corner. It was cut from toner paper and then foiled. The New York charm was printed on shrink film. I cut it out and then using my oven I shrank it down making the charm. Then I ran a piece of tin foil through my sticker maker and applied to the back of the charm making the clear areas silver. 

Revealing Opening Side Page

   The charm is used to open the right page revealing the hidden pictures. I made this page that opens by welding two 12"x12" together using my Fuse Tool. This is a great tool to have and to use. To make this page I carefully slit the outside edge of a scrapbook sleeve. Then using another scrapbook sleeve I trimmed off the edge that is used to put a scrapbook page in a book leaving a half inch edge. I notched the bottom and inserted it into the outside edge of the sleeve that I had slit the outside edge of. Then I carefully used the Fuse tool to join the top side of the outside edge together. Then I turned the joined pages over and once again ran the Fuse tool over the outside edge of the joined pages sealing the edges together.

Left Interior Page

Right Interior Page

   Now I needed two more pieces of glitter scrapbook paper. I could not find any so I made two sheets myself. I used spray adhesive on two pieces of black scrapbook paper and then sprinkled black glitter onto them. After drying I found that a lot of the glitter fell off so I repeated the process. Once again the glitter fell off. I then went to Michael's and brought a spray glitter sealer. This solved the problem of the falling off glitter. I used silver photo corners and double sided tape to mount the photos. They fell off! So I put a drop of gel glue on the corners and the center of each photo and pressed them down by placing a weight on each page. When I removed the weight and held each page up once again the photos began to fall off. So once again I had to remount each photo. This time I used Glitter Glue and they stayed on to the page. 
   This unique page spread was a real learning experience for me. I learned how to use silver foil using a laminator. I learned how to make a template using my die cutting machine. I learned how to use two new photo software programs. I learned how to use my new Fuse tool to make custom page sleeves. I learned how to make glitter paper and make the glitter stay on without falling off. Last but not least I learned which adhesive to use when mounting pictures onto glitter paper. I also learned how to make an unique scrapbook page that displays 64 photos. I didn't use all 100 photos but I did include the photos that my granddaughter most wanted. She loves this page. Thank God because it was a lot of work to create. 

Take Care


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  1. Wow thats so GORGEOUS Kathy! Took me back in time to when we went to NYC...we met up with the Tin Man and he agreed to a pose that made it look like I was about to Axe his head off lmao...that was a great memory!